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14 Creative Ways How To Say Thank You

There are many creative ways how to say thank you!  So to inspire you to make something fun for someone who deserves a ‘thank you very much’ here are 16 cool thank you gifts and crafts you can make.

Thank You Very Much

Thank You Very Much 1. DIY Paper Vase Favor Bags would also make a darling thank you gift packaging idea.  Why not take the time to package up some goodies up in the bags above to pass out as affordable, party favor.

How To Say Thank You

How To Say Thank You 2. How to make a fabulous burst box that would work as a party favor or fill with treats as an impressive thank you very much packaging idea! 3. First Aid Kit & Free Printables – “Thanks for coming to our AID” and the back says “We appreciate all you do. 4. Simple Thank You Note with Buttons –  If you want to make this easy note card, download the PDF template and print it out and glue on some buttons. 5. Thanks You’re Sweet Free Printable – Amy made these for the leaders of her MOPS group. An easy and cute gift! These are 7? wide to fit the size of a sandwich baggie.

Thank You Candy Grams

Thank You Candy Grams 6. Extra gum – The difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is the little extra. 7. Lemon Drops – Giving thanks to someone who always makes lemonade out of lemons. 8. Swedish Fish – It’s o-FISH-al:  I’m casting out a line of Thanks!  Hope you catch it! 9. Coffee Shop Gift Card – Thanks a ‘Latte’ for everything you do!

Thank You For

Thank You For 10. Printable Party Bag Favor – A quick and easy way to decorate a plain paper sack as a fun party favor or gift. 11. Handmade Bookmarks {Thank You Gift} – These beautiful fabric bookmarks are easy and inexpensive to make, a great project for your beginning sewer to work on, and a wonderful gift for  your teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week. 12. Emily made this darling thank you for teachers that’s a pocket that holds a packet of microwave popcorn and a gift card to Blockbuster. 13. Darling Thank You tag with a video how-to that you can quickly attach to any gift or edible present.

Thank You Note

Thank You Note 14. A tutorial on how to make this darling Thankful 4 You card.  BasicGrey’s Pyrus collection is filled with gorgeous autumn colors (I used the 6×6 paper pad), and I thought it would be a perfect fit. I also use some Subway Thickers from American Crafts.

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  11. Karen @MSEnthusiast

    I’m all about the thank you note being attached to the favor bag. I use to slide the card into the bag but this works just fine. I am loving clothepin anything lately! I really like the latte one as well. No matter the project, what’s most important is saying thank you!

  12. shara

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  14. Jacki from the Austin AmeriCorps Awareness Plannin

    I want to use these ideas to thank our AmeriCorps members here in Austin, TX!

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