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4 Things To Make out of Broken Jewelry

There are so many things to make using broken jewelry, but today I’m going feature the four crafting projects that I created for Charming Charlie accessories.  At the end of this post, I’ll also announce the winner of the Broken Jewelry Monogram, a $300 value!

4 Things To Make out of Broken Jewelry

DIY craft: make jewelry

Back in October, I had the opportunity of coming up with several things to make out of broken jewelry for the Charming Charlie’s fashion blog.  They wanted each piece to have a different style and vibe.  Therefore, I made a chic monogrammed wood letter, vintage embellished mirror, and a rocker frame. They are all incredibly easy to make, as only beginner glue guns skills are required.  {{wink}}

Each DIY project has it’s own video, as well as pictured instructions so you can make them as well.  I also love to personalize my purses, and therefore I created a quick tutorial on how to embellish an old purse with jewelry.  They were each a labor of love and I hope you learn some new or are inspired to making something fun for yourself this week.

Broken Jewelry Crafting

DIY craft - wood letter

1.  How to make jeweled wood letters using fashion jewelry – This DIY home décor project gives you an opportunity to transform your outdated jewelry pieces, jewelry that is no longer functional, sentimental jewelry pieces, jewelry you received as a gift (but would not wear) and odds and ends into a fabulous work of art.

make jewelry craft

2.  How to decorate a mirror using fashion jewelry – We selected a vintage-inspired theme to decorate our mirror, but you can course choose any type of motif or fashion accessories that suits your craft project. No matter what theme you select… your end result will go from drab to fab in as little as 20 minutes!

make jewelry diy frame

3.  DIY Craft – Rocker Frame blinged out with broken jewelry – DIY tips on how to decorate a picture frame using fashion jewelry.

We selected a rocker-chic theme to decorate our mirror, but you can choose any motif that suits you.  No matter what theme you select, you can create a masterpiece in as little as 20 minutes!

make purse

4.  How to embellish a handbag using fashion jewelry – Quick DIY tips on how to decorate your handbag, whether you want to give an old handbag new flair or a new handbag your own personal touch of style!

make jewelry diy craft

Winner Announced!

It’s time to announce the winner of the Broken Jewelry Monogram,  {{drum roll}}
This week, I’ll me making a letter “E” for commenter #320: Kortney Ewing. YAY!  Congratulations Kortney.

A huge thanks to Charming Charlie accessory store for donating the jewelry for Kortney’s jeweled monogram.  I’m a huge fan of their accessories and I can’t wait to use them again for this project for Kortney.


  1. Dani Bormann

    congratulations Kourtney

  2. Sandra Horton

    Oh, Love that Charmin Charlie!!! When you are in the Pearland store, say hi to Avery!!! These projects are amazing.

  3. Brandy Taylor

    These are so adorable!!! Great idea for grandmas fashion jewelry that might have been passed down… Your wonderful ideas are the best!!!

  4. Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

    ohhhhmygosh amazing! so pretty! all of it!

  5. Shelley Smith

    You are one clever girl! 🙂
    Love these ideas.

  6. Mod Podge Amy

    Laurie you are so cute!

  7. Lynnie

    Awesome. Now I can do something with all my crappy jewelry and old jewelry making supplies! Now, I only need to be as cute and creative as you are!!!!

  8. Lisa

    I love this idea! Can’t wait to make it.

  9. Kim Dodd

    My daughter works at Deja Vu on Panama City Beach. Recently she brought home a pile of jewelry that had missing pieces or broken clasps and asked me for my “help” in somehow restoring the pieces. This is an excellent idea….

    I will make one for their store and then I will go through all of my costume jewelry and things passed down to me by my grandmother and get busy doing something visual…they are sitting in my armoire never to be seen!!

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  10. Freddie Hensel

    It is very funny for me to come across this. My mother made these letters for Charming Charlies 2 yrs ago and they are giving out my mother idea’s to others. That is the not cool because we have been doing the letters for at least 5 yrs if not more. If you want to take credit go ahead because we are on still making more creative things and there are pattens pending so thank you for your time

  11. James @ Virgins Saints And Angels

    That’s an amazing project. I never thought of using old jewelries and somewhat recycling them. They are all just kept in a drawer. I’ll surely ask my wife to try and work on som eo fthe stuff in your post. Thanks!

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