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Shoebox Picnic Basket

18 Things to Make Using a Shoebox {diy}

I’ve made several fun toys and activities for kids using cardboard but nothing like these amazing shoebox projects.  You’ll be blown away by these 18 things to make using a shoebox.  They are DIY decor, activities, games, and imagination building props to encourage your child to play for hours.

Things to Make Using a Shoebox {diy}

Shoe Box Crafts

Shoe Box Crafts

1.  Chevron Shoebox Wall Art ~ Isn’t this chevron stripe wall art gorgeous?!  It’s made from shoebox lids.  Seriously!  Gather your different sized shoebox lids and paint to make your own fabulous wall art!

Shoe Box Craft

2.  DIY Mini Wall Art ~ One regular shoebox lid will make 2 mini wall art pieces.  Decoupage some pretty paper on the lid and add some thumb tacks for gorgeous wall art.

Shoe Box Crafts

3.  DIY Wall Shelves ~ Dress up your walls with some sturdy shoeboxes, paint and pretty paper.  Your wallet will be thanking you while you are admiring your pretty walls!

Shoebox Craft

4.  Cord Keeper ~ You won’t get your wires crossed with this handy cord keeper.  It’s perfect for recharging portable electronics; cell phone, iPod, BlackBerry and PDA.  Simply cover a shoe box and add extra large eyelets for the wires.

Shoebox Craft

5.  Shoebox Picnic Basket ~ How fun is this picnic basket?!  Cover an old shoebox with fabric, handkerchief and ribbons to make this functional basket.  It’s a fun alternative to a sack lunch!  I think it would also be a fun date idea.

Craft Box

Craft Box

6.  DIY Nail Polish Storage Box ~ Keep your nail polish organized in a shoebox.  You can decorate/wrap the box with wallpaper, fabric or even wrapping paper.  Something pretty!  {wink}  Label the nail polish color by painting a dot on top of the bottle.

Shoe Box Craft

7.  Shoe Box Chic ~ Decorate an old shoe box with fabric scraps to transform it into a beautiful organizational box.  It’s so pretty you will want to leave it out on display.  No one will ever know it’s not an expensive decorative box.  {wink}  You can also make several for stacking.

Craft Box from Shoebox

8.  DIY Sticker Organization ~ Organize your stickers in a pretty up cycled shoebox.  All you have to do is mod podge some pretty paper strips onto the box and you are ready to start organizing your stickers.  This is a great project for teachers and scrapbook junkies.

Shoe Box Toys

Shoe Box Toys

9.  DIY Shoebox Fire Station ~  This is a fun activity that the kids can get involved in making. And boys will love this too!

Shoe Box Toy

10.  Car Garage ~ Transform a shoebox into a car garage.  You can stencil the words GARAGE with acrylic paint.  There is also a tutorial to make an adorable barn. {wink}  The post is written in Swedish, but there is a translator to change it to English.

Shoebox Toys

11.  Shoebox Houses ~ A cute way to turn shoeboxes into storage containers for kids!  They’re also fun for playing with micro toys.

Shoebox Toy

12.  Shoe Box Dollhouse ~ Make an adorable portable bakery/doll house with furniture!  It can be made in less than a half hour using a shoe box, felt, pom pom trim, scissors and glue.

Shoebox Toys

13.  Shoebox Stove ~ A fun activity for kids using a shoebox, colored paper and other supplies around your home.

Children Activities

Activities for Kids

14.  Shoebox Diorama Ideas ~ This post contains 5 adorable shoebox diorama ideas that are perfect boredom busters or for school projects.  These projects work on dexterity and fine motor skills, following steps / instructions, creativity and imagination, and even the importance of recycling.

100 Days of School Craft Ideas

15.  100th day of school Chinese abacus ~ This Chinese abacus is considered an ancient counting tool.  It was made using a pretty shoe box and stringing fruit loops.  Super easy project your kids will love!

Shoe Box Toys

16.  Marble Maze ~ Turn a shoe box lid and straws into a fun marble maze!

Activities for Kids

17.  DIY Musical Strummies ~ A fun and interactive way to teach music to small children.  Add rubber bands to a shoebox lid so that they can strum their own tune.

Shoebox Crafts for Kids

18.  Shoebox Guitar ~ Kids will love strumming on the guitar with this fun shoebox craft.  They can pretend that they’re in a rock band.

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