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Holly Jolly Treats + Printable Gift Tags

Here’s a simple + inexpensive idea for classroom treats, friend gifts or party favours this Christmas season. Package up some jolly ranchers in a cellophane bag with these FREE printable “have a holly jolly Christmas” gift tags!

You Will Need...

  • Jolly rancher candies, cellophane bag, printable tags, stapler, ribbon or twine to attach tag to package.
Difficulty: Easy
Budget: Cheap
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes
Person: Teacher
  • Step 1

    Place jolly rancher candies in a cellophane bag.
  • Step 2

    Fold top of bag over, attach holly jolly tag to the top with stapler, twine or ribbon.


  1. Shara Zollinger

    I am new here, yet I was looking for the link to print out the cute tags for these. I would love to use this! Thanks!

  2. Rachelle Brancato

    The link for the printable is not working properly. In the mean time the direct link to the printable is: http://www.simpleasthatblog.com/2012/12/printable-holly-jolly-christmas-gift.html

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