Tie-Dye Ribbon Wreath

Tie-dye is hot right now, and you can capture the colorful fun in this Tie-Dye Ribbon Wreath. Easy enough for anyone and everyone to make, and there’s no messy dye involved.

Free Mother’s Day Printable Set

FREE Mother’s Day Printables set to help you host a beautiful celebration for Mom! Includes cupcake toppers, signs, a banner, napkin wraps, drink wraps and more! Make Mother’s Day extra special this year with this gorgeous set of printables in modern patterns like CHEVRON and quatrefoil!

DIY Party Favors

This DIY Party Favor will use those old baby food jars. Save them to make beautiful (and cheap!) DIY party favors for any kind of party! These jars are unique, fun, and can be made to match any colors and theme of any party! And did I mention it’s very inexpensive?

Mini Party Cakes {Tutorial}

Bake adorable and colorful cakes inside baby food jars!! Perfect for parties and get togethers, these mini cakes can be customized to match party colors, favorite colors, etc! These mini cakes are SO easy to make, and are unique and so much fun! They can be made ahead of time for easy party prep, and

How to make spa birthday invitations

How to make a very cute invitation that’s perfect for a spa birthday party. You make it, decorate it, write on it, and send it! Simple as that! You and your kids will love this birthday craft idea!

How to Decorate a Gym for a Christmas Party

How to decorate a church gym for a Christmas party on a very low budget using paper crafts like 3D snowflakes hanging on twine, snowflake wall collage and green paper place mats and red cups.

Football Cake

Football Play Cake. Also, Tips for Black Frosting An easy throwback football cake for beginner decorators. Complete with grassy field and X’s and O’s, this football play cake is fun and eye-catching for your Superbowl or tailgating party. Football Play Cake. Also, Tips for Black Frosting

11 Ways to Ditch That Halloween Candy

Need a creative way to get that unwanted Halloween candy outta your house after Halloween has come and gone? Here are some handy ways to get this done WITH your kids’ blessings. For the full list visit: NotSoIdleHands.com

Wicked Magic Potion Cupcakes

Well, Halloween is almost here and so are all the fun parties (if not already). If you’re still looking for a cute and simple treat to bring to one of those fun parties…try these. For full instruction visit: NotSoIdleHands.com

Halloween Witch’s Brew Jello Shots Dessert Recipe

Halloween Witch’s Brew Jello Shots Dessert Recipe. Make these fun jello shots without liquor, for the kiddos and non-drinkers, and with a little booze for adult parties. Halloween Witch’s Brew Jello Shots Dessert Recipe

No-Sew (No Kidding) Mermaid Costume

Make a cute mermaid costume for your kiddo, with NO sewing at all! Just pick the fabric you want to use and get your glue gun hot and you’re ready to go! For full instructions visit NotSoIdleHands.com

Delicious Roasted Broccoli

As a kid I actually really liked broccoli, probably one of the only vegetables I liked when I was young. My mom always made it with delicious cheese sauce (probably the reason I liked it so much, anything covered in enough cheese is good enough for me). I thought that was how I would always

Gourmet Caramel Apples

Making gourmet caramel apples is not as hard of a task as it may seem. First thing we do is figure out what flavors we want to make. This year we made several variations; · Traditional Caramel Apple (Caramel) · Apple Pie (Caramel, White Chocolate, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar) · Almond Joy (Caramel, Sliced Almonds,