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Star Wars Clone Wars Party Food Recipes

Semi-homemade recipes for a Star Wars, Clone Wars, or Jedi Academy birthday party that are kid-friendly food they will actually eat. {wink} The Star Wars Clone Wars party food includes:

Palpatine Pizza, Star Wars Cake, Darth Vader Taters, Trooper Scoopers, Yodamole Recipe, Falcon Ship Dip and Vader Veggies, Jar Jar Links, Jabba Jigglers, Jedi Juice, Yoda Soda, Wookie Cookies, Thermal Detonaters, Qui-gun Cakes, Lea Buns

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You Will Need...

  • All the details for these recipes can be found in their individual recipe links right here on Tip Junkie
Difficulty: Easy
Budget: Reasonable
Estimated Time: Hours 1-2
  • Step 1

    Darth Vader Taters Recipe ~ Tatertots and ketchup
  • Step 2

    Trooper Scoopers Recipe ~ Cheeseball and chips
  • Step 3

    Falcon Ship Dip and Vader Veggies Jabba Jigglers Yodamole Jedi Juice Yoda Soda
  • Step 4

    Jar Jar Links
  • Step 5

    Thermal Detonaters ~ White mini donuts
  • Step 6

    Qui-gun Cakes ~ Chocolate mini donuts
  • Step 7

    Lea Buns ~ Oreo Cookies small and large


  1. Laurie Turk

    How to make a semi-homemade Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake ~ http://www.tipjunkie.com/tutorial/star-wars-clone-wars-birthday-cake/

  2. Laurie Turk

    I purchased the Star Wars Birthday Party Printables from Allison Powell Designs. http://www.etsy.com/shop/allisonpowelldesigns?ref=pr_shop_more

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