DIY Star Wars Party Food Recipes

Semi-homemade recipes for a Star Wars, Clone Wars, or Jedi Academy birthday party that are kid-friendly food they will actually eat. {wink} The Star Wars Clone Wars party food includes fun food ideas like these:

  • Palpatine Pizza
  • Star Wars Cake
  • Darth Vader Taters
  • Trooper Scoopers
  • Yodamole Recipe
  • Falcon Ship Dip
  • Vader Veggies
  • Jar Jar Links
  • Jabba Jigglers
  • Jedi Juice
  • Yoda Soda
  • Wookie Cookies
  • Thermal Detonaters
  • Qui-gun Cakes
  • Lea Buns.

I purchased the Star Wars Birthday Party Printables from Allison Powell Designs.

A huge thanks to Michelle R. Photography for taking such great pictures for Drake’s party.

Star_Wars_Birthday_Cake for Boys
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
Activity or Game
Party Food


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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Darth Vader Taters Recipe ~ Tatertots and ketchup

  • Step 2

    Trooper Scoopers Recipe ~ Cheeseball and chips

  • Step 3

    Falcon Ship Dip and Vader Veggies Jabba Jigglers Yodamole Jedi Juice Yoda Soda

  • Step 4

    Jar Jar Links ~ Lil’ smokies and bbq sauce

  • Step 5

    Thermal Detonaters ~ White mini donuts

  • Step 6

    Qui-gun Cakes ~ Chocolate mini donuts

  • Step 7

    Lea Buns ~ Oreo Cookies small and large

  • Step 8

    Star Wars Cake ~ semi-homemade cake.  SO easy!!

  • Step 9

    Obi-Wan Kabbob-ies ~ strawberries, green grapes, purple grapes, blueberries on wood skewers


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