10 Bath Bomb Tutorials Perfect for Gift Giving


How to make the best bath bomb recipe at home.  These homemade bath fizzies include pictured tutorials on how to make homemade bath products.  The ingredients for bath bombs not only moisturize your body, but it also makes an amazing gift!  So here are 10 homemade bath bombs that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized.


As always, the Tip Junkie Style site has hundreds of pictured tutorials for homemade beauty recipes so you can always search there if you’’re looking for something specific. {wink}

diy bath bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

1. DIY Bath Bombs {without citric acid} ~ Bath fizzies are so intriguing to watch fizz, melt and completely disappear.  The natural oil in them leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized.

diy homemade bath bombs

2. Homemade Bath Bombs ~ Learn how to use a base recipe and make variations like lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint. You can even try adding dried herbs to the bath bombs.

green tea bath bombs

3. Green Tea Bath Bombs ~ Create a day at the spa in your own home. These homemade bath bombs will excite your senses and don’’t take much time or money to make. Make bath times the best times!

sweet orange creamsicle bath bombs

4. Sweet Orange Creamsicle Bath Bombs ~ Learn how to make these yummy citrus-y bath bombs.  They’re scented with orange tea and orange essential oil.  Megan even gives you a tip if you’re having a hard time finding citric acid. {{wink}}


5. DIY Grapefruit Bath Bombs ~ Skin-softening bath bombs naturally dyed with beet juice.

homemade bath bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs

6.  Homemade Bath Bombs ~

rose milk bath bomb

7. Rose Milk Bath Bomb ~

bath bomb recipe

Bath Bomb Recipe

8. Oatmeal Coconut Bath Bomb Recipe ~

how to make hot cocoa bath bombs

9. How to Make Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs ~ How to make bath bombs that look like hot cocoa that are perfect bath fizzies in the water!

homemade bath fizzies

Homemade Bath Fizzies

10.  Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs ~ These little cupcakes look good enough to eat, but DON’T.  They’re actually bath bombs.  Perfect for a friend having some stress or a teacher who needs a little relaxing.

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