10 Crafty Food Recipes for Valentine’s Day


Nothing says love quite like good food!  Use these Valentine’s food recipes to show how much you care.  Want a whole menu for Valentine’s Day?  Use these ideas to “craft” your very own!  I’m in love with these Valentine Day recipes.

Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

Valentine Breakfast

Love Note Pancake

1.  Love Note In A Pancake – Start your children’s or sweetie’s day off right with these fun pancakes.  This special breakfast will surely win their hearts.  Aren’t they fantastic?

 Pink Hot Chocolate

2.  Love Buns and Pink Hot Chocolate – Make these quick and easy love buns with a little help from Pillsbury.  You can also add some cute heart sprinkles on top.  Add some red food die to white hot chocolate and voila, pink hot chocolate.

Valentine Dinner

Valentine Pizza

3.  Valentine Heart Pizza – Make a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home for your kids (or your sweetie). Add some heart-shaped pepperoni’s to a store bought or homemade pizza. It’s so easy. Just buy sliced pepperoni, cut heart shapes out with a small cookie cutter, and add to the pizza before cooking. This would be a sweet addition to any Valentine’s Party as well.

Valentine Dinner

4.  Valentine Pasta Dinner – Start your lovely dinner off with some olive oil and heart-shaped tomato paste.  Then, for your main dish, heart-shaped vegetable pasta.  Delicioso!

Heart Shaped Pizza

5.  Heart-Shaped Pizza – I love the idea of children helping in the kitchen!  They will have so much fun decorating the pizza.  This would be a fun annual tradition!

Valentine Sweets

Chocolate Valentine Cake

6.  Chocolate Ruffle Cake – I have just gained 10 pounds looking at this delectable cake!  It’s 3 even layers of creme fraiche and pure sin!

Valentine Marshmallows

7.  Homemade Marshmallows – You can gift these homemade marshmallows on a stick, on their own in a bag, or with a yummy s’mores kit.  Either way, everyone enjoys heart-shaped sugar!

Raspberry Lemonade

8.  Raspberry Lemonade – Quench your thirst with a perfect balance of sweet and tart raspberry lemonade.  It just might give you a little pucker.

Valentine Cookies

Valentine Strawberry Lemonade Cookies

9.  Strawberry Lemonade Cookies with Pink Lemonade Frosting –  Pink cookies with a sunshine lemonade taste!  Made with strawberry cake mix and pink lemonade mix.  A perfect treat for someone you love this Valentine’s Day.

Heart Sugar Cookies

10. Valentine Sugar Cookies – The best sugar cookie recipe.  You may end up eating them all yourself instead of giving them away.  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?…

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