10 Ways To Use Glitter


Hi, Mandy & Jessica here from Little Birdie Secrets with 10 Ways To Use Glitter this holiday season for Tip Junkie’s Top 10 Holiday Trends! Glitter makes anything look more festive at Christmas. From ornaments to cookies, here we go!

10 Ways To Use Glitter

1. Glittery jingle bells. We added glitter to jingle bells and made them into a wreath for a shimmery tree ornament  or gift topper.

2. Gift tags. Bring some sparkle and light to your gift with a glue stamp pad and your favorite stamp!

3. Make your own snow globe! Glitter makes the snowfall seem so magical.

4. Edible glitter. Snowflake cookies will sparkle like a real snowflake with gorgeous edible glitter (comes in several colors!).

5. Glitter snowflakes. Speaking of snowflakes, glitter a few up up and hang them from the ceiling for fancy decor.

6. Glitter bird ornaments. We gave these little birdies golden wings. These are perfect as ornaments or gift tags as well.

7. Glitter ball ornaments. Take an ordinary Christmas tree ball ornament and turn it into a sparkling orb! Spread a thin layer of glitter glue and sprinkle with glitter.

8. Glitter foam Christmas trees. The Homemade Diva made some beautiful glittered trees out of Styrofoam cones!

9 Glitter pine cones. This craft from Recycled Lovlies is nearly free!

10. Glitter letters. LOVE what they Urban Daisies did with these letters!

Hope you enjoyed these fun ideas for using glitter this season! Please come visit us at Little Birdie Secrets for more fun ideas all year long!

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  1. ahhhh!!!!!!! i was featured!! yay!!! thanks a ton mandy and jessica! you girls totally made my day!! :o)

  2. Love the bird ornament! And I LOVE glitter! Just did a post on some stick reindeer with glitter and how everything looks better with a little glitter!

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