Hip Hip Hooray, it’s almost the 100th Day!  One of my all time favorite posts is the 100th Day of School project post I did a couple years ago. Here are some more ideas to help  your kiddo celebrate such a fun day of school.

100th Day

1.  Hudson’s 100th Day of school shirt
2. My Kids are 100 Days Smarter
3.  100 Characters of Jack shirt
4.  100 years old costume

100th day of school ideas

5. 100 Flowers
6.  100 Lady Bug Poster
7.  100 Mii’s
8.  100 pieces of felt rocket poster

100th day of school activities

9.  100 pieces of me
10.  $100 money tree
11.  Candy Island
12.  100 packaging peanuts

activities for children

13.  100 Days of School hat
14. 100 Days of School glasses
5.  100th Day of School breakfast
16.  100 days of school poster

I hope these projects have inspired you to create something fabulous with your children this year.  It’s coming up quick!