11 Trendy Ways to Wear Bandanas

How to wear a bandana is easy and fun with these trendy ways to wear bandanas and cool DIY bandana projects.  Learn how to wear a bandana as a head scarf or headband, wear as a bracelet or learn how to make a skirt, apron and table cloth.

How to Wear a Bandana

1.  How to Wear a Bandana ~ A bandana can be worn quite a few different ways, in your hair, adorned on a purse or bag or even around your neck.  This post shows you 10 different ways that you can wear a bandana.

How to tie a head scarf
2.  Head Scarf Tutorial ~ Tie a simple head scarf with this easy to follow tutorial.  Even though a scarf was used for the tutorial you could easily use a bandana.

How to Tie a Bandana

5 Minute Bandana Headband
3.  Ways to Wear Bandanas ~ Learn how to tie a headband bandana and keep it from sliding off your head with this 5 minute alteration.  Get your bandana ready and follow this simple tutorial.

Tie Bandana Around Wrist

Tie a Bandana Bracelet

4.  How to Make a Bandana Bracelet ~ Learn how to tie a bandana around your wrist for a fashionable bracelet.  It’s easy and fast and all you need is a bandana.

How To Make Things with Bandanas

Lined Hangers5.  Lined Hangers ~ These fabulous bandana lined hangers not only keep strappy clothing and dresses from falling off, but look beautiful!  Trace the pattern of the hanger on the bandana, cut and glue together.

Bandana Skirt
6.  Bandana Skirt TutorialMake this adorable children’s bandana skirt out of bandana’s from the $1 store.  These skirts fit 2-3 year olds, but you could easily add more layers and bandana’s to make it for an older child.

Bandana Flip Flops

7.  Red White and Blue Bandana Flip Flops ~ Red, white, and blue bandanas have many uses around the Patriotical holidays and this tutorial will show you one of them.  Use bandanas to create two different styles of fun, patriotic flip flops.

How to make a Bandana Tablecloth

8.  Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth ~ Want a fun patriotic tablecloth for your Labor Day picnic?  This great tutorial will show you how  to make your own using red, white, and blue bandanas.

Rockstar Apron

9.  No-Sew Apron {tutorial} ~ Rock this stylish no-sew bandana apron!  If you are not inclined to sew then this is the project for you.  Heat-n-bond will become your new best friend.

Bandana Wreath

10.  Bandana Rag Wreath ~ Create a festive wreath for any occasion using this rag wreath tutorial.  The fabric was torn into strips and tied the strips on one by one starting from the top.  There’s also a tutorial to make the fabric rosette adornments.

Bandana Banner

11.  Patriotic Bandana Banner ~ Make this festive bandana banner in about 15 minutes.  Perfect for any celebration or occasion.  All you need is bandanas and rope or ribbon.  Minimal sewing is required.

Cool Things To Make:

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Trendy Ways to War a Bandana


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