12 Days Christmas ~ Laurie’s Family Gift Guide

As you may remember, TJ Maxx and Marshalls recently flew me out to their home office and I shared with you The Best Dressed Secrets from TJ Maxx.  They loved your response to that article so much that they’ve asked me to bring you the 12 Days of Money Saving Gifts from TJ Maxx and Marshalls!  {{squeal in delight}}  Quickly, before we get into the 12 Days of Christmas, I have $50 gift cards to hand out:

The twitter winner from last week’s Wish List Giveaway is @MoneywiseMoms!
I’m giving away another $50 this week so simply tweet what you want for Christmas to win:

Saving Money thanks to Marshalls

I’ve got the “off-price” shopping bug as you will not believe the amount of money I saved at TJ Maxx and Marshalls on this gift guide. I was so surprised that I was able to find the brands that my family uses every day.  The following 12 Days of Christmas is Tip Junkie style as I’ve included printable tags that include the poem for every gift!  {{snicker}}

You can gift these 12 items to another family as an amazing service opportunity or wrap them for your own family and put them under the tree.  For you crafty Ladies, feel free to include your favorite recipes, Christmas stories, sewn ornaments, and other Christmas printables to turn this 12 Days of Christmas for the Entire Family from TJ Maxx and Marshalls into something really special and meaningful.  Use one or use them all, enjoy!

12 Days of Christmas

Watch my video for a full explanation of the gifts!

12 Days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas is the song that I sing, and in this sack 12 presents I bring.
December the 13th is when you may start. Unwrap one a day with love from my heart.
Having you in our life is a dream come true, this is our way of wishing Merry Christmas to you!

1.  A partridge in a pear tree, how boring is that! Boys like their toys, so I went to the mat.  I got a great deal on a remote control chopper, just gotta love this off-price shopper!

December 13th to Boy:  Remote Control Helicopter at Marshalls, $34.99  (saved $33)

2.  Two turtle doves are very rare and nowhere could I find a pair. Then the thought came with glee, we can make a pair it’s easy you see.

December 14th to Girl:  Singer Sewing Machine for ages 6+ at TJ Maxx, $14.99 (saved $5)

3.  I did get French hens, but then hungry I got. So I ended up cooking them in a great big pot!  They turned out so yummy I bought one for you, there are so many colors and designer ones too.

December 15th to Mom:  Cuisinart Advantage Non-stick Pan at TJ Maxx, $39.99  (saved $40)

4.  Four calling birds, whatÂ’s with those wings? I’d rather play and bond which family time brings. So here’s a game that’s fun to play, and sure to brighten up your family’s day.

December 16th to the Family:  Swing Zone Sports motion controlled video game at Marshalls, $19.99  (saved $10)

5.  Five golden rings That’s rather extreme. We love you dearly, but that much money’s a dream!  iPod speakers are better than rings. Whew I got out of that one! I’m getting good at these things.

December 17th to Dad:  Sharper Image Speaker System for iPhone and iPod at Marshalls, $39.99  (saved $40)

6.   Six geese a laying {sigh} weÂ’re back to those birds! I tried stealing their eggs but their cries could be heard. So I gave up and went to TJ Maxx instead.  I found this coat for the dog, he’ll be warm chasing birds from tail to head.

December 18th for the Pet: Cynthia Rowley dog coat at TJ Maxx, $14.99 (saved $9)

7.  Seven swans swimming but the water was so cold. I couldnÂ’t catch them, I couldnÂ’t grab hold.  Super powers I do not posses, but here are a few toys who’s great strength are manifest.

December 19th to Boy:  Gormiti Toys at Marshalls, $5.99 (saved $4)

8.  Eight maids a milking, fashion sense they have not. And I want you looking really hawt!  So here are some shoes to firm and tone, and help your body get into the zone.

December 20th to Mom:  Sketchers Shape-ups while you walk tennis shoes at TJ Maxx, $49.99 (saved $50)

9.  Nine Ladies dancing they put on a show. They’re all so seriously hungry oh wouldnÂ’t you know.   IÂ’m sending these dishes so that you can all eat, on a beautiful place setting that just can’t be beat.

December 21st to Family:  Designer White Plates from TJ Maxx, $2.99 each (save $3)

10.  Ten lords leaping, wonder if they could reach the stars?  Or see the great craters that I hear are on Mars. Thanks to Google, Astronomers we can be! Let’s jazz up our laptop and make them snazzy!

December 22nd to Student:  Laptop Sleeve at TJ Maxx, $12.99 (save $8)

11.  Eleven pipers piping, oh how theyÂ’re hurting my head. They gave me such a headache I had to go to bed.  But first a few chapters of a great read, there’s so many books my imagination to feed.

December 23rd for the Kids:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 5 at TJ Maxx, $8.99 (save $5)

12. Twelve drummers drumming that would be quite the site. I donÂ’t know any musicians and that is my plight. But thanks to your iPod you’re all hooked up, so here’s is a case so it won’t get scratched up.

December 24th for Teen:  Skull Candy IPod Touch Case at TJ Maxx, $7.99 (Saved $7)

There you go!  I hope you liked them. {{giggle}}  I tried to keep the poems and tags as generic as I could, just in case you found something that’s better suited for your price range or to your families dynamic.  Below is the link to the file where you can print it out for free.


Printable Poems

Click on this link to print out this Download,
free from Tip Junkie and TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

$150 in Giveaways ~ I Love Free Stuff!

I absolutely love free stuff and I can’t tell people “no” when they want to give Tip Junkie readers amazing products, especially during the holidays when cash is tight!  Therefore, I have several giveaways thanks to TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  I know you’re busy, so I made it really easy for you to enter to win.  (See the Tip Junkie Winner’s Page to see if you’ve won a previous giveaway.):

1.  Today’s giveaway on tipjunkie.com is a $100 gift card good to  TJ Maxx and Marshalls!  Simply leave a comment below on what you would buy with it!  {{yep, it’s that easy!}} Ends Sunday the 12th at midnight.

2.  Also this week, tweet to win a $50 gift card to TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  I’ll also be awarding a $200 grand prize gift card good at T.J.Maxx or Marshalls on December 20th, so the more you Tweet, the better your odds are of winning the ultimate prize!  Ends Dec 20th.

To enter follow @tipjunkie, @TJMaxx and @Marshalls on Twitter and Tweet the following message along with the two hashtags:

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Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you would buy with a $100 gift card to enter to win today’s giveaway!


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  1. I love gift cards and bargain shopping at TJ Max and Marshall’s. Buying my grandchildren a gift with one is what I would do. 😉

  2. With the $100 gift card I would probably buy clothes for the family! 🙂 What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

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