12 Delicious Bread Recipes {How to Make Bread}


Today we have bread….glorious bread.  In fact, we have 12 delicious bread recipes that teach you not only how to make bread at home, but how to make delicious, flavorful bread that can accompany any meal.

How to Make Bread

From sweet breads to the savory, it’s always hard to resist the bread basket on the table. Sure, it may require an extra session on the elliptical, but it is so worth it, no?

Bon Apetit!

Banana Bread

I {heart}Banana Bread. When I was pregnant with my twins, I swore the reason I got popped with Gestational Diabetes was because I had just eaten and loaf and a half of Banana Bread the day before.

What? Being pregnant with multiples makes you hungry!

So when I saw all the different ways for making this delicious bread, and since I no longer have the doctors by my hospital bed monitoring my every indulgence, I couldn’t resist including many options in Tip Junkie’s Bread recipe roundup.

1. Strawberry Banana Bread Strawberries and Banana are always a fabulous combination for a sweet breakfast bread like this one.

2. Chocolate Banana Bread I’ll take chocolate banana bread over a cupcake any day! This recipe adds in strong coffee to compliment and bring out the sweetness of the banana. Like the recipe author says on her site, “Sometimes it’s good to be bad”

3. Chocolate Swirl Peanut Butter Banana Bread Create a homemade chocolate syrup to swirl into the peanut butter and banana bread mixture and you have a delectable bread to accompany your morning coffee.

4. Wheat Blueberry Banana Bread Making a wheat version of Banana bread is a great way to add a healthier element to this indulgence. Add in the antioxidant benefit of blueberries and a honey sweetened versus granulated sugar mixture and  you have a win-win!

Poppyseed Bread

5. Lemon Poppyseed Just enough poppyseed instead of too much makes for a nice balance with the lemony flavor of this bread. The recipe owner includes a recommendation to top the bread with limoncello but offers up a glaze alternative if you don’t have that on hand.

6. Almond Poppyseed A nutty version of the poppyseed bread complete with a powdered sugar and milk glaze makes for a perfect compliment to morning tea or coffee.

Sweet Breads

7. Pumpkin Bread The author offers up two versions of this pumpkin bread – add almonds or ginger to liven up a traditional pumpkin bread recipe.

8. Monkey Bread This sweet cinnamon and brown sugar pull-apart bread is perfect to satisfy a family of sweet tooths.  As the author puts it, monkey bread is “like getting the best part of the cinnamon roll, the ooey, gooey middle in every bite.” **Please note, the recipe must be refrigerated overnight prior to baking.


Savory Breads

9. Cheese and Chive Bread Cheese, chives and walnuts makes for a superbly savory loaf of dinner bread. Add a leftover hunk to accompany a bowl of soup at lunchtime the next day to round out two satisfying meals.

10. Feta and Herb Pull Apart Bread Combine Feta with Herbs to stuff the center of this pull apart for a greek flavored bread option.

Which of the recipes above would you try?


This post contributed by Nicole from Moments that Define Life. Nicole is a stiletto wearing,     cabernet sipping Mama to three girls. She has spent the bulk of her life being a bad cook. But, she has reformed her ways and vows to improve her skills each day in an effort to keep her husband. Her efforts are lost on her children, who respectfully prefer chicken nuggets and PB&J’s.

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