12 Easy Recipes With Nutella


Easy recipes with Nutella that are delicious Nutella cookies, crepes, icing, and fun things to make with Nutella.  Some of the mouth watering recipes include Monster Cookies, fudge brownies, fudge pops, buttermilk waffles and donuts.

Easy Recipes With Nutella

Recipes With Nutella

Recipes with Nutella

1.  Nutella Fudge Pops ~ Cool down with these Nutella fudge pops.  No special popsicle molds are needed because paper Dixie cups work amazingly well.

Nutella Recipes

2.  Nutella Buttermilk Waffles ~ Treat your children their first day of school with these delicious Nutella buttermilk waffles!  What child wouldn’t love chocolatey, buttery and creamy goodness first thing in the morning?!

How To Make Nutella Crepes

Chocolate Crepes

3.  Nutella S’mores Crepes ~ S’mores.  Nutella.  What a perfect combination!  Yummy.  This recipe is perfect for the season.  You don’t have to go camping to have this delicious treat.

Nutella Cookies

4.  Nutella Marshmallow Bars ~ Add some fluff to Nutella and you have some amazingly delicious chewy Nutella marshmallow bars.

Nutella Cookies

5.  Nutella Monster Cookies ~ Yummy, chewy and chocolatey goodness with m & m’s, oats and dark chocolate chips.

Nutella Brownies

6.  Fudgey Nutella Brownies ~ Scrumptious fudgey Nutella brownies with homemade cream cheese frosting.

Nutella Icing

Nutella Icing

7.  Simple Nutella Cupcakes ~ Quick and easy cupcakes from a cake mix.  Add a scoop of Nutella to each cupcake liner filled with cake batter and swirl.  Also, add Nutella to buttercream icing and pipe it onto your cupcakes.  Easy peasy.

Nutella Icing

8.  Nutella Buttercream Frosting ~ Do you lick the frosting off first or keep the cupcake top for last?  I think I might just have to dive right in and try the frosting first.  This amazing frosting consists of heavy cream, confectioner’s sugar, Nutella and butter.  Absolutely sinful!

Homemade Nutella

Homemade Nutella

9.  Nutella Sugar {stuffed} Cookies ~ Make your own nutella using almonds, hazelnuts, cocoa powder and milk.  It’s so much healthier too.  The post includes the sugar cookies recipe to make sugar stuffed cookies.

Things To Make With Nutella

Things to Make with Nutella

10.  Nutella Donuts ~ Only 3 ingredients to make these donuts.  Whole wheat flour, nutella and eggs.  They are baked and have whole wheat flour so they can be considered healthy, right?!  {snicker}

Things to Make with Nutella

11.  Nutella Stuffed French Toast ~ A yummy version of french toast that is stuffed with chocolate.  It’s texas toast spread with Nutella and dipped in a custard mixture then grilled.

Things to Make with Nutella

12.  Nutella Braid ~ An easy 2 ingredient short cut for the the classic pain au chocolat.  A perfect afternoon snack!

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