14 Tutorials To Decorate Walls {diy}

Decorate walls with these DIY wall decor, art and wreaths. Here are 14 wall paper tutorials, DIY artwork, fabric projects, and wall accent tutorials.

Tip Junkie Decorate site hosts hundreds of HGTV type home improvement tutorials for every room in your home!  Today we’re focusing on the most popular tutorials on how to decorate the walls.

Decorate Walls with a Wreath

Decorate Walls with a Wreath

1.  Fabric Flower Frame Wreath {a wreath} – With an old frame and some scraps of fabric, you too can make this gorgeous spring wreath!

2.  How to Make a Paper Flower Wreath {a wreath} – Can you believe this gorgeous wreath is made out of simple butcher paper? Come learn how to make your own!

3.  How To Make A Coffee Filter Wreath – The ultimate post about how to make a coffee filter wreath and coffee filter tree complete with links to other coffee filter projects. All you need is a few hours, a pile of coffee filters, a wreath form, a glue gun and burn proof finger tips

4.  How to Make a Lemon Wreath {a wreath} – You know what they say to do when life hands you lemons?  Go make a fabulous wreath!  This wreath is the perfect accent for Spring and Summer.  Follow the step by step tutorial to make your own!

Decorate Walls with DIY Artwork

Decorate Walls with DIY Artwork

5.  Toilet Paper Roll Art {wall decor} – This is a nearly free means of decorating. It can be used in any room, and it’s so easy to make!  Come learn how to make your own!

6.  DIY Wall Art {Inspired by West Elm} – A few weeks ago I was in West Elm and noticed a picture of a tree made from cut-up pages from a book.  I was so excited when I saw this because I love this look and knew this would be a cinch to duplicate.

7.  Burlap Monogram Art {wall decor} – Learn how to make this easy and inexpensive art for a classic look in any room!

8.  Berries on Canvas {DIY Art} – How to make your own berries on canvas original artwork.

Decorate Walls with Wall Accents

Decorate Walls with Wall Accents

9.  How to Create Ballard Designs Inspired Mirrors {knock off} – For under $20, learn how to create these gorgeous Ballard Designs inspired mirrors!

10.  How to Make a Fabric Mail Organizer {organize} – If your mail is piling up in your kitchen, this might just be the tutorial for you!  Learn how to create a fabric mail organizer to hang on your wall.

11.  Alphabet Wall {design} – The best part about an alphabet wall is you just can’t go wrong…..You can find a letter in anything if you just use your imagination.

12.  Make a Bulletin Board with Shutters {step by step} – shutters were the perfect way to cover a bulletin board (which can look messy). It hangs right inside my entry—a great place for a message center—and I close the shutters whenever I want to hide the clutter.

Decorate Walls with Wall Paper

Decorate Walls with Wall Paper

13.  How to Draw Your Own Wallpaper {sharpie} – You would never guess that this “wallpaper” is drawn on with a sharpie marker!  Brilliant!  Come learn how to create your own.

14.  Mudroom Gift Wrapping {wallpaper} – Using wrapping paper is a cheap and easy alternative to wallpaper.  Obviously, it’s not as sturdy and wont stand up over time, but it’s easy as pie to change out and therefore perfect for sprucing up a small space.

Thanks Ladies. I just adore these home improvement and decorating tutorials they are amazing! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {high fives}

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  1. I love the lemon wreath! So fresh and summery – just what I need right now, while it is still just barely 60 degrees in mid-May.

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