16 Beautiful DIY Earring How-To’s


How to make earrings with these gorgeous pictured DIY earring tutorials which include stud earrings, big hoop earrings, dangle earrings, that you can make out of fabric, wire, crochet, and even paper!

Beautiful DIY Earring How To

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 32 DIY Earring pictured tutorials and free patterns on how to makeSo be sure to search there if you’re looking for a specific style. {wink}

DIY Earring

DIY Earring

1.  DIY Patinaed Filigree Earrings ~ These patinaed filigree earrings are absolutely fabulous!  And of course, very stylish!  Learn how to patina earrings with a technique using craft acrylic paint, distressing and clear spray paint.

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

2.  Vintage Inspired Earrings ~ These flower cabochon earrings are absolutely stunning!  No jewelry skills needed to make these beauties.  If you don’t have flower cabochons you could use large buttons, large beads, a pair of broken vintage earrings or pieces from a vintage bracelet.  Anything with a flat back will work.

Stud Earrings

3.  DIY Colorblock Stud Earrings ~ These Kate Spade inspired color block earrings are fantastic!  You will need to purchase some wood furniture buttons (30 for under $2) and paint them with your favorite nail polish.  Easy peasy!

Big Hoop Earrings

DIY Colorblock Earrings

4.  DIY Colorblock Earrings ~ Revamp your plain hoop earrings with some embroidery thread.  All you have to do is wrap the thread around the earring and super glue your ends to keep from coming loose.

Big Hoop Earrings

5.  DIY Rhinestone Earrings ~ Look at these gorgeous hoop earrings!  I love the mixtureof rhinestone chain and eye pins that hangs from the hoops.  The step by step tutorial is so easy to follow, if you have not made jewelry before this post will definitely inspire you to give it a try. {wink}

Dangle Earrings

Stella & Dot Knock-off DIY Earring

6.  Stella & Dot Rhinestone Earrings {Knock-off} ~ Diamonds are a girls best friend, right?!  We never said that they had to be the real mccoy.  These rhinestone earrings are amazing.  Two different sized rhinestone chains and different lengths of link chain were used for added dimension.

Dangle Earrings
7.  DIY Fringe Earrings ~  Who would have thought that using fringe for earrings could look so beautiful?!  Genius, right?!  Alison designed these lovelies said that you can buy the fringe in an array of colors at the fabric store, or you can dye white fringe to your desired shade.

Dangle Earrings

8.  Paper Clip Earrings ~ It’s amazing what you can do with regular household items.  Using paper clips and embroidery floss you can make these lovely earrings!  Follow the step by step tutorial to learn how to wrap a paper clip in string.

Make Fabric Earrings

Make Fabric Wrapped Earrings

9.  Fabric Wrapped Earrings ~ This step-by-step picture tutorial is wonderful.  I especially love it because if I’ve done my math correctly then I believe you can make these earrings for about a buck a pair!  {{score}}!

Dangle Earrings

10.  DIY Lace Earrings ~ These lovely earrings add femininity and charm to your outfit!  The desired lace pattern was cut from lace trim.  Show off how stunning they are with your hair pulled up in a bun or pony tail.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Earrings

Dangle Earrings

11.  Anthropologie Knock-off Earrings ~ These knock-off Marshmallow Puff Earrings from Anthropologie are stunning.  They are only a fraction of the cost too, around $10.  The step by step tutorial shows you how to wrap the beaded wire around the earring.  You can whip up a pair in under an hour.

How To Make Paper Earrings

DIY Confetti Earrings

12.  DIY Confetti Earrings ~ Create your own gorgeous paper confetti earrings with a few items.  All you need is a hole punch, hot glue, thin wire and earring hooks.  They are definitely delicate, but who cares when you paid next to nothing for them.

Paper Earrings
13.  How to Make Paper Earrings ~ Colorful dangly earrings are a fun accent to any outfit.  They are even better when they are light weight and don’t pull on your ear lobes.  These amazing earrings are made from card stock.  You can cut your desired shape from a paper punch, Cricut or Silhouette and add a layer of crystal accents.

How To Make Crochet Earrings

How to Make Crochet Earrings

14.  Knotted, Wrapped, Trimmed & Crocheted Earrings ~ This amazing post has four tutorials to restyle plain hoop earrings into knotted, wrapped, trimmed and crocheted earrings.  Customize them with your favorite colors.  You are sure to make a statement.

Make Your Own Earring Holder

Make Your Own Earring Holder

15.  Lace Earring Frame ~ Keep your earrings accessible and beautifully displayed with this lace frame.  Simply spray paint a vintage frame and staple lace to the back of the frame.  Voila!

Earring Holder
16.  Frame Jewelry Holder {DIY} ~ Use a little spray paint and chicken wire to turn old frames into a beautiful way to organize and display jewelry.  It can also double as a message board or a way to display your childrens art.

More Jewelry Patterns:

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