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Learn how to make DIY Home Decor with Every Day Items including PVC pipes and fringe.  PVC pipes aren’t just for waterways you can make unexpected DIY projects out of them.  Some of these PVC pipe  projects include a pvc pipe sunburst mirror, picture frame, wine storage and toothbrush holders.  Fringe crafting is so in right now, and for good reason!  It’s fun, engaging and fabulous.  These step-by-step craft tutorials include a fringe chandelier, fringe garlands, fringe streamers and a fringe lampshade.  These tutorials show you just how easy and versatile every day items can be.

17 DIY Home Decor With Every Day Items

PVC Pipe Crafts

PVC Pipe Crafts to Make 1.  How to Make a Sunburst Mirror from PVC Pipe ~ This elegant and beautiful wall decor started out as something that you would never use those adjectives to describe! An incredibly creative tutorial teaching you how to create a sunburst mirror from PVC pipe!

PVC Pipe Projects

2.  How to Update a Dresser using PVC Pipe ~ Yes, you read that right! PVC pipe was cut into small circles and glued to the front of a dresser in order to create an unexpectedly chic update to this dresser.

Things to Make with PVC Pipe

 3.  PVC Pipe Curtain Rods ~ This project is super easy and inexpensive with a beautiful end result.   These bay window rods were made using 10 feet of pvc pipe, connectors and spray paint.

DIY Frame

4.  PVC Pipe Frame  {decorate walls} ~ Make a frame worthy of your funkiest artwork. Check out this step-by-step how-to from TV host Michele Beschen.  TV host Michele Beschen’s pretty (and budget-savvy) PVC pipe project is an easy, three-step DIY for the ShopGirl in all of us. Here’s how to craft this fantastic frame.

PVC Pipe Projects

5.  PVC Pipe Succulent Planters ~ Learn how to cheaply and easily make these modern planters for your collection of succulents. With a variety of shapes and sizes, you can create an indoor landscape that requires minimal watering.

Things to Make out of PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe Wine Rack

6.  Modern Wine Rack ~ Create modern wine rack from a hardware store purchase.  These bright white plastic pipes simply slide into an open shelf or cabinet for a custom look you can put together in minutes. Things to Make out of PVC Pipes 7.  PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders ~ Keep toothbrushes organized and out of sight.  They’re stored behind the cupboard door so they are easily accessible and the holders can be removed.  You can also label them with your children’s initial.

Fringe Crafts

Fringe Crafts8.  DIY Fringe Chandelier  ~ This beautiful fringe chandelier is fabulous!  It would definitely make a statement at your next party or gathering.  You will be surprised by how easily you can make your own and not break the bank.  It’s so cute, you could hang it up in your home after the party.

How to Make Paper Fringe

How to Make Paper Fringe

9.  DIY Surprise Lantern {Party Decor} ~ Aren’t these fringe lanterns fun and fabulous?!  You can pep up your old/new paper lanterns with some crepe paper fringe and a pull string for a surprise!  Fill them with some confetti or small treats.  They are cheap and easy to make as well as reusable.

How to Make Paper Fringe

10.  DIY Triangle Fringe Garland {party decor} ~ Decorate any type of party or gathering with this cute and creative triangle fringe garland! You can make them in a cinch using tissue paper, ribbon, rotary cutter and a hot glue gun. With the leftover tissue paper you can quickly make confetti to sprinkle on the tables.

How to Make Paper Fringe

11.  Fringy Streamers DIY ~  They might be my favorite thing ever right now–they are just so fringey and frilly! Plus they are a cinch to make. Here is how to do it.

How to Make Paper Fringe

12. Fringe Chandelier DIY {Party Decor} ~ This is a fabulous post with a great tutorial on how to make a fringe chandelier! Perfect for lots of different party occasions! Just by changing the colors you could use it for a girl or boy, child or adult! Lovely and easy to make!

DIY Fringey Monogram Party Decor

13.  DIY Fringey Monogram {Party Decor} ~ These lovely fringey monograms are ideal for any type of celebration.  You could use letters or numbers.    The idea was based on the fringey streamers.  Layer and glue them to your template starting from the bottom on up.  Wouldn’t these also look amazing in an ombre pattern?!

How to Make Fabric Fringe

How to Make Fabric Fringe Lamp

14.  Hula Fringe Burlap Lamp Shade ~ I adore burlap and this fringed lamp shade is no exception!  Overlap strips of burlap and remove 5 strands from each strip.  Doing this will give it a frayed edge.  Instant fringe, voila!

Tassel Fringe

Tassel Fringe Key Tassel Tutorial

15.  Ribbon Key Tassel ~ You won’’t misplace your keys when you have this beautiful ribbon tassel attached to it.  I think it would also be perfect for curtain tie backs.  All you need is ribbon, pom pom trim, embroidery floss, and a button.

Tassel Trim

16.  Tassel Garland ~ This tassel garland is a perfect decoration for your next celebration or graduation, especially with your school colors.  Instead of forking out big money to purchase them, this tutorial will show you how to make your own.

Fringe Trim

Fringe Crafts17.  DIY Tulle Fringe Garland ~ Ladies, we can’t have enough garlands!  Add this one to your list of party ideas.  It’s lovely, airy, and perfect for a wedding, bridal shower, or girly party.  There is a simple straight stitch sewn down the center of a roll of tulle.  Then slits were cut down the sides.

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