21 Best Teachers Week Homemade Gifts


Celebrating teachers week with thoughtful homemade gifts can be easy and so much fun!  Here are some amazing teachers day messages for teacher appreciation week.  They include edible treats, beautiful fabric bookmarks, handmade cards, bath salts, ruffled tote bag, hand quilt, and monogrammed mugs!

When is Teacher Appreciation Day?

1.  Edible Chalkboard {teacher gift} – These adorable “chalk”olateboards look so real your teacher may not want to eat it!

Teachers Week

2.  Apple With Gift Card {teacher gift idea} – Apples are the staple gift for teachers!  Add this cute printed leaf to the apple that reads, “A teacher can’t survive on apples alone…” and a gift card to their favorite store.  Fast and simple.

3.  Smarties and Sharpies Thank You {teacher gift} – Fill a jar with smarties and attach a sharpie pen on the top with a note that reads, “Thank you for helping us becomes “sharpies” and “smarties” this year”!  There are also some other fun gift ideas on this post.

Teachers Day Cards

4.  Four Printable Teacher Thank You Cards ~ free printable thank you cards for teacher appreciation that  you can quickly print out and attach to any gift or edible present.

5.  Teacher Thank You {free printables} – These precious thank you cards would definitely be treasured by the teacher.  There are three printable cards and circles for classroom decorations.

Teachers Day Messages

6.  Apple Core Spool Card {paper crafts} – Show your child’s teacher how much you have appreciated them with this adorable apple core spool card!  It’s unique and so much fun!  Use a wooden spool and card stock to create it.

Teacher Appreciation Week

7.  Handmade Tea Soap {recipe} – This handmade soap is a fabulous gift idea!  It’s made with tea so there is a natural aroma.  The packaging is genius!  There’s a a free tag printable too!

8.  DIY Scrubber and Bath Soak {recipe} – Any woman will certainly love this scrubber and bath soak!  There’s a tutorial to make the scrubber and a recipe for the bath soak!

9.  Cupcake Bath Bombs {bath & beauty} – This little cupcake looks good enough to eat, but DON’T.  It’s actually a bath bomb.  Perfect for a teacher who needs a little relaxing.

Teacher Thank You

10.  Post-It Note Holder – This adorable Post-It Note Holder was made with an acrylic picture frame.  The frame stand raises the holder for easier writing.  You can find free printables for the gift tag and the printable in the frame.

11.  Ruffled Can Cozy Tutorial – Now the teacher can even drink from a can in style!  This ruffled can cozy keeps your fingers dry, plus it’s made from an old handbag so you can feel good about recycling too!

Thank You To Teacher

12.  Teacher Gift Ideas – There are several good teacher gift ideas here, but I LOVE the Box of Teacher Goodies.  Anything can look cute when you divide it up into little compartments, right?

13.  You Were “Mint” to Teach {teacher} – A simple yet effective way to say “thank you” to the teacher.  Wrap a tin of Altoids with printed paper, waxed twine, and a note of thanks.

Homemade Gifts

14.  Fabric Covered Journal {tutorial} – Turn a simple notebook it to this beautiful fabric covered journal.

15.  Purse Sized Notebook Pad {teacher gift} – These purse sized notebook pads are a “brilliant little gift” for your favorite teacher.  They are made from a pack of 3 x 5 cards, elastic, ring and scrapbook paper.  The design possibilities are endless.

16.  Handprint Quilt Teacher Gift {how to} – This beautiful quilt will let your teacher know how much each little student appreciates them!  A perfect keepsake to treasure forever.

More Teacher Ideas

17.  Ruffled Bookmark {homemade} – These ruffled bookmarks are adorable!  They are a no fail gift because every teacher reads.

18.  Handmade Bookmarks {thank you gift} – You don’t have to have amazing sewing skills to make these beautiful rosette bookmarks.  An easy way to use up some old scraps of fabric.

19.  DIY Monogrammed Mug – You don’t have to be a coffee drinker to love a monogrammed mug!  Use a ceramic marker to make the monogram.  An easy task for your child.

Teacher Gifts To Make

20.  Bread Bag Tutorial {gift wrap} – Wrap up a fresh baked loaf of bread in this lovely 5 minute bread bag.  With simple sewing skills and a hand towel you can make this.  So much prettier than wrapping bread in a plain cello bag.

21.  Ruffled Tote Bag Tutorial – This DIY contrasting ruffled tote is fabulous!  It’s the perfect size for lesson books.  The pictured tutorial is easy to follow.

Additional Teachers Week Tutorials

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  1. I use to teach. Those are really cute ideas. Most teachers appreciate anything. Just don’t give too many mugs. I give the teachers thoughtful gifts with a gift card. My daughter’s teacher really liked the “facebook” clips with a tag that read, “I like you.”;0) My husband teaches as well. He likes getting supplies, gift cards to coffee shops or book stores. He even likes chocolates.

  2. My daughter has a male teacher this year. For one gift for christmas I put together a basket of things her and I had made together. Some where things he could use at home, some in the classroom, and others just keepsakes for him from her. The second gift we did was supplies the classroom needs. Extra basic supplies, holiday craft project supplies (Stickers, foam, glue dots, etc) I know this isn’t much, but I hope it helps some!

  3. I appreciate all of the wonderful ideas but most of them are geared towards female teachers. It would be great to see some gift ideas geared towards male teachers because they are so hard to come by.

    Thank you.

  4. As a former teacher, I would like to say THANK YOU for all the appreciated, handmade -with me in mind- gifts that were made by my moms over the years. You will never know how much a little gift here and there means in the sometimes very stressful world of school. These ideas on this site are so adorable…some I can now make for my grandkid’s teachers. Thanks for the ideas.

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