Family traditions can create lasting happy memories for your children.  One of my focuses as a mother is to Create Moments that Matter for my family.  Therefore, I thought it would be really helpful to put all of my favorite family traditions in  one place so you can organize several for your own family.

Simple Family Traditions

Most family traditions can be very simple activities that you do on a routine basis.  For instance, growing up my dad made us shaped pancakes on Saturday morning.  Because he took our breakfast one step further and made fun shapes with our food – an every day task turned into an anticipated tradition.

Children Advent: Vacation Count Down – Several children advent calendar ideas that you can use for any holiday or vacation count down.

Celebrate Birthday Traditions

Valentines for Children

April Fools Practical Pranks

Easter Celebrate

1st Day of School Activities

Halloween Activities

Thanksgiving Children

Christmas Family Activities

What is your favorite family tradition?
Feel free to
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