3 Month Food Storage

We’re doing something a little different today on Tip Junkie.  At home I’ve been focusing on getting prepared for economic and severe weather threats.  It includes a 72 hour kit and 3 month food storage for my family.  Since there are many ways to plan, purchase, and store a 3 month food supply, I decided to ask a few bloggers to share with us how they do it.

Don’t worry, I know it’s a lot of information, so they kindly made videos for us to watch.  So please give these ladies a huge Tip Junkie welcome:

1. Crystal from Every Day Food Storage.  She teaches people how to use food storage in their OWN recipes so that they can rotate it on a daily basis and make foods their family will actually eat!  Crystal has a lot of how-to videos, handouts, and good recipes!

2.  Andrea from The Food Shopper helps you buy your food storage. She’s part of the “Buy It” portion of the Fun with Food Storage Network (a food storage network that helps you plan, buy and eat your food storage).

Andrea started her own food storage a little under a year ago. She thought it was going to be so hard that she just kept putting it off until the gals over at Food Storage Made Easy showed her how to get it all together. It is easy and fun, and is excited to show you different ways you can get your own food storage.  With a little bit of planning and effort – you’ll have your own storage in no time!

3. Jamie from Hi Stakes Food Storage.  She is now a farm girl (wife) in Idaho who has have been doing food storage all her life.  Her mom trained her well. Because she developed a bread baking business with the wheat and the spelt  she grows (and sells it as well), it seemed natural to add a blog featuring one of her other passions – food storage – where wheat can be heavily involved.

Jamie loves helping people learn to be more self-sufficient by building their food storage and learning how to make better bread that they love to eat.

Huge thanks to these 3 women for sharing their expertise with us on how to store extra food for our families in times of economic need.

I’m sure you have a LOT of questions.  You’re welcome to leave them here in the comments or leave comments on their blogs as well. They’d be happy to assist you!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this as a whole and especially for the videos – “Seeing” really helped alot especially from 3 different styles :0)

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