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34 Amazing Paper Plate Crafts for Kids!


It’s amazing what you can craft with paper plates!  Here are 34 incredible paper plate crafts complete with pictured instructions.  These paper crafts for kids include paper plate dress ups, animals, activities, holiday crafts, paper plate masks, and much more.

34 Amazing Paper Plate Crafts on Tip Junkie

Craft With Paper Plates

Paper Plate Wings

1.  Paper Plate Angel Wings ~ No sewing needed for these beautiful Angel wings. 2.  Paper Plate Gratitude Flowers ~ These pretty paper plate flowers are perfect for the coldest winter months.  They won’t die on you.  Add a sentiment to the stem and they are a perfect thank you gift. Craft With Paper Plates hats 3.  Holiday Paper Plate  Hats  ~ Aren’t these hats adorable?!  They can be made for any holiday or occasion.  No glue needed.  A great craft idea for any party. 4.  Paper Plate Easter Hats ~ This hat uses a sturdy plate and bowl.  Paint the hat any color and add ribbons and silk flowers.  This would also make an adorable tea hat! Craft With Paper Plates 5.  How to Make Paper Plate Purses ~ The girls are going to love this one!  They can paint and decorate their purse to their hearts desire.  It only takes two paper plates and a stapler. 6.  Paper Plate Crown and Matching Purse ~ What a perfect craft for a princess party!  The added doily is absolutely adorable.

Paper Plate Crafts for Boys

7.  Paper Plate Frisbees ~ If you’’re looking for an easy and inexpensive activity this summer, this paper frisbee kids craft is perfect for you. All you need are some paper plates, shipping tape, colorful markers and a little imagination. 8.  Paper Plate Craft Pirate ~ Aargh matey!  What a fun craft for boys.  Wiggly eye, earring, eye patch and fabric added to the painted plate.  So much fun! 9.  Paper Plate Snowman Craft ~ A perfect craft for winter!  Using just two paper plates, 1 small and 1 large, your child can decorate the snowman with fun items such as googly eyes, buttons and pipe cleaner.

Paper Plate Crafts for Girls

10.  How to Make a Strawberry Shortcake Paper Plate Craft ~ Absolutely darling!  The pink pom poms and freckles are adorable.  A fun craft for any day or great addition to a Strawberry Shortcake party. 11.  Paper Plate Banjo ~ Let your little darlings rock out with this super fun banjo.  Making music has never been more fun. 12.  How to Make a Paper Plate Clown ~ A fun craft to use up miscellaneous pom poms.  Only minimal supplies required, pom poms, pipe cleaner and wiggly eyes.

Paper Plate Masks

Paper Plate Masks 13.  How to Make Paper Plate Masks ~ Let your child’s imagination run wild with these fun masks.  Anything goes, pirate, ninja, bird and alien.  The possibilities are endless. 14.  Make Paper Plate Calaveras Masks ~ Not only would these masks be terrific for Halloween, but also for any occasion. 15.  Bird Paper Plate Masks ~ Glue, construction paper and yarn are the only additional supplies needed.  This bird mask would also be fabulous with feathers. 16.  Bird Paper Plate Masks ~ Simply glue feathers to this mask and voila! 17.  Styracosaurus Mask ~ The boys will roar over this mask!  They can make their own dinosaur using paints and two paper plates.

Paper Plate Animals

18.  Paper Plate Pet Craft for Kids with Free Printables ~ How to craft video for kids to make a paper plate pet. Includes free printable pet faces. 19.  Paper Plate Dog Craft ~ Using the free printable template you can make this adorable dog.  Attach a stir stick or tongue depressor and your child can hold it to their face.

20.  Paper Plate Butterfly ~ A quick 30 minute project for 5 year olds.  Uses a paper plate and toilet paper roll.

21.  Paper Plate Butterfly Craft  Tutorial ~ An adorable dotty pink butterfly.  Add pom poms to make the dots and body. Paper Plate T-Rex 22.  Paper Plate T-Rex ~ This t-rex with moveable legs is too cute!  Paint the paper plate, cut and attach limbs with metal brads.

23.  Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft ~ Another fun dinosaur craft with moveable legs.  Your child will have a blast sponge painting the plate green.

24.  Paper Plate Shark Jaws ~ Shark week or shark-themed party whichever these would be fabulous!  String them together and make a garland. 25.  Paper Plate Cat Treat Holder ~ This would make a terrific party craft.  It can also double as a container to take treats home in. 26.  Paper Plate Giraffe ~ A great craft to make after visiting the zoo.  There are also ideas to make a lion and zebra.

Paper Plate Fish

Paper Plate Fish 27.  Paper Plate Fish & Sharks ~ To bite or not to bite, that is the question?!  You choose what you prefer, teeth or no teeth.  Drop the fin and flipper and these would be cute pac man’s.

Holiday Paper Crafts for Kids

28.  Paper Plate Pop-Up Groundhog Craft ~ Will the groundhog see his shadow?  This is a fun pop-up project for preschoolers or kindergarteners.  There’s a free groundhog printable. 29.  Paper Plate Heart Pocket ~ Just in time for Valentine’s Day.  This adorable heart-shaped pocket would be cute hanging on a door knob or filled with Valentine cards and treats. 30.  Paper Plate Leprechaun Wall Hanging ~ What is this leprechaun hiding behind his back? Could it be a pot of gold? Hang him up on your door to welcome visitors and keep them guessing! 31.  Paper Plate Easter Bunny Masks ~ Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forest.  These masks are so darling.  Can you picture your little darlings hopping around with this mask on? 32.  How To Make a Paper Plate Skeleton ~ This skeleton is not only festive, but easy and fun!  There’s a free pdf file to download and make your own skeleton. 33.  Paper Plate Halloween Ghost ~ What a cute ghost!  It would be a terrific door decoration. 34.  Paper Plate Thanksgiving Pilgrims ~ Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without these festive Pilgrims!  It’s also a great opportunity to teach your child about history.

34 Paper Plate Craft Tutorials

More Paper Crafts:

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