6 Summer Seafood and Fish Recipes


If your thoughts are turned to the water this summer, you are not alone.  Everyone is thinking about the beach be it lake shore, riverside, or ocean front and with that frame of mind comes thoughts of the bounty below.  I am talking about fish and seafood!

Summer Seafood and Fish Recipes

These amazing recipes will have you hooked (no pun intended) and will be the perfect summertime addition to your backyard barbeque or al fresco dinner.

Fish Recipes

Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut on Asparagus Sauce

1.  Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut on Asparagus Sauce:  Meal time will be smooth sailing when you put this fish-dish on the table! You can’t go wrong with the delicate flavor of halibut accompanied by the savory and salty tones of the prosciutto. As if this combination didn’t already have you on board, it is accented with a bed of pallet cleansing, gentle asparagus sauce. Yum!

Fish and Chips (Chippy Style)

2.  Fish and Chips (Chippy Style):  When it comes to classic fish dishes, you can’t be more nostalgic than fish and chips. This recipe is an acclaimed favorite and it is no wonder why! The flavorful, crisp coating enveloping a flaky fish fillet with zesty tartar sauce will delight even your pickiest little guppies!

Seafood Recipes


3.  Crab Burgers (Open Face):  Put that beef patty down! If you are about to grill up the same old beef burger for the ‘umpteenth’ time this summer, take a look at this recipe and discover what the sea can add to your burger regiment. These crab burgers are summer time on your plate!

Fried Oysters with Chipotle-Lime Dipping Sauce:

4.  Fried Oysters with Chipotle-Lime Dipping Sauce:  Why not give your seafood a little southern flare? These oysters will anchor anyone to mollusks when fried to perfection and paired with a zesty southwest inspired sauce.  These tasty little half shell delicacies are small enough to take along on a picnic, or will wow a crowd displayed on a platter in your backyard under the stars.

Shrimp and Asparagus Summer Rolls with Avocado Puree

5.  Shrimp and Asparagus Summer Rolls with Avocado Puree:  This light, summery combination of shrimp, mango, and asparagus, tightly bunched in a rice wrapper and accompanied with avocado dipping sauce will lure you in for more. What a perfect and healthy way to entertain your mouth and stomach on a hot summer day!

Scallops in Champagne Cream Sauce with Truffle Salt

6.  Scallops in Champagne Cream Sauce with Truffle Salt:  Whether you are looking for the perfect elegant sea-faring meal or a new dish to win approval and perhaps refine your families pallet (haha- we can all dream, can’t we?), this innovative dish will keep everyone diving in for more.

More Delicious Recipes to Try:

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Summer Fish Recipes
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  1. I used to hate fish. Now I love it. All except salmon. This compilation looks so good! Thank you.

  2. The halibut looks amazing! I wonder how many times I have to try before I make a decent version of it… but thank you for sharing this! Everything looks very delicious!

  3. Fish and Chips are my favourite!!!!! I have never tried asparagus sauce before but that photo looks really good. Personally, I eat fish more than seafood but after looking at these food I think I am going to change my mind. Thanks for this list of mouth-watering post.

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