8 First Day Summer Activities for Kids

How to celebrate the first day of summer with some crazy fun activities for kids.  The longest day of the year is the first day of summer and a great excuse to make a creative memory with your kids.  Here are some great kid crafts and cool tutorials on how to enjoy the first day of summer together.

What Is The First Day Of Summer

Wondering when is the first day of summer?  This year the first day of summer is Wednesday, June 20th!

The first day of summer {or the summer solstice} is the longest day of the year.  It’s the point when the sun reaches its most northern point in the sky at noon.  From this date on, the days start getting shorter.

First Day Summer

1.  Mixed Media Sunshine Art ~  Stay busy on the first day of summer making a mixed media sunshine art project.  You’ll keep your kids busy gluing, painting, salt-sprinkling, cutting all the while having fun!

2.  First Day of Summer Ice Cream Party ~  How about the starting the summer off with an ice cream party?  Make your own popsicles and have an ice cone bar with cute homemade  ice cream cone holders.  Hanging accordion flowers and an ice cream cone box should round out the decorations.  Just add hungry kids.

3.  Ice Cream Sundae Piñata ~  I’m in love with this ice cream sundae piñata idea.  Not only is it totally original, the piñata only takes 30 minutes to make and it’s adorable.  How cool would it be to surprise everyone on the first day of summer with a frozen piñata with ice cream sundae fixings?

4.  Summertime Activities Bucket List {free printables} ~  Start your family summer bucket list.  Print out ready made ideas, or make up your own and get started making some fun memories!

4.  Lemonade Stand Kit  ~ You could use this idea to host an impromptu Summer party, or put together an actual lemonade stand for the kids.  Tell me how anyone could resist driving by something this cute and not stop for a drink?!

Kool Aid Slurpees

5.  Kool-Aid Slurpees ~  Cool off on the first day off summer with homemade Kool-Aid slurpees!  Slurpees are a favorite treat during the hot Summer.  This recipe is a great money saving tip.  Making your own at home is simple and the kids will love it!

Paper Plate Frisbee

6.  Paper Plate Frisbee ~ Here’s a fun craft if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive activity this summer.  All you need are some paper plates, shipping tape, colorful markers and a little imagination.

lemonade stand labels

7.  Lemonade Stand Labels ~  Since everyone loves a great lemonade stand on the first day of summer, here’s another idea for a lemonade stand.  These printables will rock your next lemonade stand and make is stand out for sure!

8.  Homemade Sidewalk Chalk ~  Why not get prepared for a summer full of side walk fun by making homemade side walk chalk?  You can play hopscotch, four-square, and of course draw all kinds of shapes and designs!

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  1. The lemonade stand is just too cute. You must have girls. I send my boys outside with a plastic pitcher and some disposable clear cups. They bring their little cash register, and voila: instant lemonade stand. Maybe the adults can make margarita ice pops while the kids make virgin ones? Just a thought. Get the whole crowd involved!

  2. Amazing post and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

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