8 Gourmet Grilled Cheese {Recipes}

Today we’re sharing how to cook grilled cheese. Grilled cheese can be as simple as throwing a few slices of cheese between two pieces of bread or as elaborate as adding vegetables, fruit and artisan cheeses to put a gourmet spin on the otherwise plain sandwich. Enjoy the grilled cheese recipes below that include the simple to the more complex flavored cheeses – whatever your preference, you should find an option below. Add it to your favorite bowl of soup and you have a simple, yet gourmet meal on your hands!

Simple Grilled Cheese

Hog Island Grilled Cheese (Four Cheese) A single slice of American cheese doesn’t cut it – this recipe takes four different gourmet cheeses  like gruyere and formage blanc to name a couple in the mix to create a grilled cheese bursting with flavor.
Grilled Grill Cheese This blogger takes issue with the fact that “grilled” cheese is often not grilled at all. So he’s sharing his version of grilled cheese that’s actually made on the grill. Throwing some pepper jack and spinach in the mix so as not to be a boring sandwich.

Grilled Cheese + Fruit = Delish!

Brie & Pear Grilled Cheese Oh how I adore brie and fruit together so taking it one step further in this version of a grilled cheese sandwich is simply divine.
Russet Apple and Gouda Not into Brie and Pear? Here is another version of the fruit and cheese combination of the grilled cheese. Russet apple and the salty-sweet goodness of gouda melted together makes me smile.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Jarlesberg Fondue, Ham and Tomato Jarlesburg has a sweet and nutty flavor to it. Combine that with a classic grilled cheese addend like ham and tomato and you have a delicious lunch menu item.
Fancy Grilled Cheese Not your average sliced cheese for this sandwich. Throw on some Goat cheese, spinach and mustard for this fancy spin on the grilled cheese sandwich.
Italian Grilled Cheese Add prosciutto to your shopping list along with some provolone and other italian inspired ingredients to create this grilled to perfection sandwich.
Butternut Squash, Onions & Balsamic Syrup Looking for a unique spin on the sometimes dull nature of the grilled cheese sandwich? This recipe is for you. Take ingredients like butternut squash and balsamic glazed onions and you have a tasty and one of a kind spin on the grilled cheese sandwich.

This post contributed by Nicole from Moments that Define Life. Nicole is a stiletto wearing,     Cabernet sipping Mama to three girls. She has spent the bulk of her life being a bad cook. But, she has reformed her ways and vows to improve her skills each day in an effort to keep her husband. Her efforts are lost on her children, who respectfully prefer chicken nuggets and PB&J’s.


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  1. We like to prepare it as usual and bake it in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes then flip. Comes out nice and crunchy – perfect for dipping in soups!

  2. Nom nom….there are so many great things you can do with a grilled cheese sandwich. I love this list of recipes and look forward to trying them out.

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