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9 How to Fix Scratches in Wood Furniture

9 How to Fix Scratches in Wood Furniture

Are you wondering how to fix scratches in wood furniture and wood flooring? Because we all know that dings and scratches happen regardless of how careful you are. {sigh} These easy tips and tricks will help cover and hide the scratches so you won’t have to refinish the wood furniture! {smiling} Removing scratches in wood furniture does not have to be overwhelming. Check out …

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15 Painting Techniques for Furniture

Painting Techniques

Looking for painting techniques how-to’s for repainting furniture?  Here are some conventional and unconventional ways to refinish furniture in your home for new and trendy decor.  Try these ideas to accent your home and give new life to your tables, side table, night stands, dressers, and console tables. You’ll be inspired by these tutorials for refinishing furniture with chalk paint, spray paint, distressing, weathering and even …

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How to Care for Outdoor furniture


Nothing beats sitting around outside with family and friends on a warm summer’s night. Outdoor furniture makes it possible to relax in comfort, and when taken care of properly, it can last for many years and provide the perfect setting for hundreds of memorable gatherings. The only downside to outdoor furniture is that it’s often exposed to the elements, making …

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Reasons Why Office Furniture Matters


In an office environment, there are many important factors that an employer must focus on. The interior of the space, the lighting, the furniture and dress code can also the efficiency of the work space to a great extent. Among these factors, you must not underestimate the importance of workplace furniture. This feature can influence the success of your company …

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Buying Furniture in a Cost Effective Way

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Yes, you heard us right! Furniture is expensive but there are so many ways you can go for a better deal and buy them in a cost effective way. But it is very important that you look for the right place and right person to buy your furniture because none of us like to end up with something cheap but …

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Corporate Business Furniture – Office Workstations

At Corporate Business Furniture, we provide an exclusive range of office chairs and office furniture. With over two decades of experience in office furniture solutions, we have earned the admiration of all those associated with us worldwide.We believe in quality in everything we do, we satisfy our customers with our wide range of innovative and superior quality office products, value …

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Distressing & Antiquing Furniture {refinished desk}

distress desk banner-jpg

Give new life to an old piece of furniture… Or rather, give old life to a new one by refinishing it! Distressing & antiquing techniques give painted wood a well-worn look that would otherwise take 50 to 100 years to accomplish naturally. And what’s more: you can distress ANYTHING wooden! Desks, chests, dressers, tables, picture frames, and chairs: the sky’s …

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Ombre Dresser {Painted Furniture}

ombre dresser banner-jpg

OMBRÉ (adj): having a dyed, printed, or woven design in which the color is graduated from light to dark; inspiration for this week’s tutorial. With some white paint, some dark paint, and a color swatch as a guide, you can give new life to an old dresser. We’re seeing in gradation! And you will be, too, when you head over …

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Waxing Furniture (The Easy Way)

waxing furniture the easy way-jpg

I used to be terrible at waxing furniture. In fact, the couple times I tried it, I failed and gave up. But, a couple weeks ago, I found a little tool that has made furniture waxing a breeze for me!

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Think your old furniture is junk? 3 ways to bring it back to life


I know it’s easy to give up on something that looks like rubbish, is useless, and on top of that occupies a lot of space and collect dust. That’s the sad truth about old furniture and most people see it exactly this way. But let’s dig up a little deeper and find the artist that hides in every one of …

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14 How to Tutorials for Painting Wood Furniture


Wondering how to paint wood furniture, furniture painting tips, or even how to paint wood?  Then you’re in luck because today we’re focusing on how to paint to wood furniture in a few basic steps! Today we’re going to show you how to refinish furniture by using paint to transform your furniture from drab to fab! We’ve taken away all …

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5 Benefits Of Investing In Modular Furniture


If you are thinking about purchasing modular furniture for your home or workplace, you might be interested in the benefits that you will receive from making such an investment. After all, you should understand why you’re making such a drastic change from traditional pieces. Whilst there are a number of ways that a home or workplace can benefit from the …

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