A Mod Bedroom {Design Ideas}

A Mod Bedroom {Design Ideas}


I’m pleased as punch to be sharing this bedroom with you today.  This is a project I completed earlier this year and it was so much fun working with my clients to create their dream master bedroom.


This space belongs to stylish young clients, who had just purchased their forever home and wanted to properly decorate it.  There were a lot of rooms to fill, but we started in the bedroom.


They wanted a clean tailored space, but they weren’t afraid to incorporate colorful, patterned, modern elements. They had already purchased the brown upholstered heardboard and the blue and brown hotel bedding you see below.  They didn’t want the whole room to be brown and blue, so they asked me to incorporate another color.  They also wanted me to fill in the rest of the bedroom and empty sitting room.


A Mod Bedroom {Design Ideas}
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- Over $100
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