Add YOUR OWN VERSION in the Tip Junkie Creative Community {TJCC Tip #3}


The all new Tip Junkie Creative Community has an “add your own version” button!  Now when you see a fabulous tutorial, tip or round up post with an idea that you’ve done, you can quickly and easily add your version!  Just click the button and link it up, and it will be saved to your online craft room for quick reference later on. Best of all, it will help other busy women make something fabulous, too!  Whoohoo!

add your version to tjcc

How to “Add Your Own Version”

Step 1:  Click the “Add Your Own Version” Button that you’ll see displayed at the top of the post you are viewing.  {If you are not already logged in, then be sure to do so.  If you don’t already have a Tip Junkie account, it only takes a few seconds to sign up for one, and it’s free.}

Step 2:  Go to work!  {wink}  The Tip Junkie Programmers have designed a program that will walk you through uploading your project in just a few easy steps that will only take a few moments.  Your time is important and I don’t want to waste it!  It’s an honor to have you share your talent here and so I wanted to make it super easy for you!  {{knuckle bumps}}

  • You’ll start by typing in your tutorial name
  • Next, use the scrolling menu bar to select the appropriate category.  {this will get your tutorial maximum SEO power!}
Step 3:  Step 3 is a continuation of step 2 as you’ll be entering the bulk of your tutorial here, or “going to work”.  The fabulous thing about this section is that you can put in as many steps as you need and you can add an image to go with each step!  How fabulous is that?????

Step 4:  Upload a file if you have one.  Does your tutorial have a printable that you’d like to share?  Well, now you can.  {{high fives!}}

Step 5:  Determine the Difficulty and Budget

Step 6:  Upload a gallery.  Do you have a ton of pictures associated with your tutorial, craft, party, idea or vacation?  Now you have a place to host them for free and they are all together!  {{double scrore}}


Step 7:  Pimp out your blog post!  Copy and paste your blog post URL so that others can see see your tutorial on Tip Junkie AND on your blog.    If you’ve had a professional {like a photographer} work with you on your tutorial, you can give them some link love as well!  Tip Junkie has provided cells for you to recognize them by name, URL and service provided!

Step 8:  Review your tutorial and activate. Viola!  You’re done!


These are the tabs you’ll complete when you add your Tutorial to the Tip Junkie Creative Community.

  • Project Info.
  • Materials
  • Steps
  • Difficulty and Budget
  • Gallery
  • Inspiration

How to “Add Your Own Version” is actually the same as “Adding a Tutorial” in the Tip Junkie Creative Community!  It’s simple, and the beauty is that  your pictured tutorials and patterns, DIY projects, and How To’s are in one location!  You’ll be able to view your beautiful creations and memories at any time, and others can see your amazing talent as well.  Instead of lugging all of your memories out to the garage to store, you can store them here.  FOR FREE.  No strings attached.

add your version to tjcc

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