25 Adult Birthday Party Ideas [30th, 40th, 50th, 60th]


The best adult birthday party ideas for a 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th birthday.  This year I hope you throw an amazing birthday party for your grown up bestie, your man, or yourself.  These adult birthday parties are impressive!

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30th Birthday Ideas

30th Birthday Ideas

1.  Rebecca’s Film Festival Birthday Party – A few months before the party they sent out a call for entries to all her friends asking for submissions of shorts under five minutes. Then she rented out the Victoria Theater in the Mission and hosted a film festival.

2.  30th Birthday for Lovely Lindsay – We supplied some of Lindsay’s favorite snack foods + drinks, potted little plants in votives for favors, and gathered photos of Lindsay throughout the years to use in creating the large number “30” on the wall.

3.  30 and Flirty – 3o sounds so young these days so we did a grown up version of a little girls party for this 30th birthday dinner.

30th Birthday Party

4.  30 Years, 30 Wishes – A 30th Balloon birthday party as life has been filled with countless blessings. So, in celebration, spreading happiness and connecting with others with the help of a little helium.On each card was a hand-written message from one of my guests to the balloon’s finder.

5.  Circa 1980?s Cassette Tape 30th Birthday – An amazing 30th birthday party for a man that will knock his socks off!

6.  80’s party – The party was totally awesome and turning 30 is pretty rad!

adult 30th birthday

7.  30 and Fabulous – A rustic, farmhouse style brunch for one of the loveliest ladies in town.

8.  Confetti Invitations  Template – A creative way to make an invitation.  Create the words as a confetti on a string but you could easily just do a small square piece of paper and just fold it up.

30th Birthday Party for Guys

30th Birthday Party for Guys

9.  Matchstick Candle – A very big 30th birthday candle served as our fire starter, which I made by gluing matches onto a scrap piece of wood.

10.  Grumpy Old Men 30th Birthday Party – This party would also be great for any guys birthday party over age 30 as well.

11.  Leaving his Roaring 20’s behind and Rolling into his 30’s –  A fun themed adult birthday party idea that gives you an excuse to dress up and party on.

12.  Mustache Themed 30th Birthday Party – An detailed and over-the-top party all designed around mustaches.  You’ll love it.

30th Birthday Party Themes

13.  Burger Heaven: Burger Cake, Fries ‘n Soda – A cool cake idea for the man in your life.

14.  Dirty Thirty Birthday – The theme was Dirty Thirty… so everything had to do with dirt.

15.  30 Sucks Candy Gram –  An easy way to create a party favor or table centerpiece for a 30th birthday party.

16.  Golfer 30th Birthday Party – Green and plaid tans were the color scheme. I tried to come up with some funny food descriptions as well. I think the “water hazard” berry jello is my favorite.

40th Birthday Ideas

40th Birthday Ideas

17.  Prehistoric But Not Extinct {40th Birthday Party} – We wanted something different than the traditional “Over the Hill” stuff, so we went with “Prehistoric But Not Extinct” as the theme, and decorated with lots of fun animal prints.

18.  40th Fiesta Forty birthday party – Street tacos on order, live Ranchero music, saturated colors, fresh churros, paper flower bouquets, oilcloth tablecloth and more!

19.  Double Down–it’s time for the 40th Casino Party – A Black, Red, and White theme with touches of green, paired with ostritch feathers and hints to Las Vegas would be the way to go.

20.  Hot Pink Glamorous Casino 40th Birthday – In celebration of her 40th birthday, she wanted to have another Casino party, except this time, Hot Pink and Glamorous.

50th Birthday

50th Birthday

21.  A Midsummers Night Fairy 50th Party – We had a magical evening of celebrating my mother’s birthday…full of laughter, fairies, butterflies, and a mischievous little puck.

22.  Travel Inspired 50th Birthday Party – Full of global details and gorgeous designs! Our favorite elements? Passport invites, luggage tag place cards, global food, and a fitting “travel themed” cake.

23.  50th Marie Antoinette Inspired Birthday Party – Design inspiration for this party came from the recent Marie Antoinette film by Sofia Coppola, with the stunning costumes and sets

24.  50 and Fabulous – Decor was designed off of her cute little ‘shoe’ invitation….lots of gold and pink, with touches of black.

60th Birthday Party Theme

60th Birthday Party Theme

25.  Fabulous Ladies Luncheon – Katie threw this surprise luncheon in honor of her mother’s 60th birthday.  This party definitely feels organic and warm, which is just what the hostess was going for.

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Adult Birthday Ideas

More Adult Birthday Party Ideas

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  1. I would love to come up with a nice party for my husband. I have 3 months to make it happen.
    So far…………I want it to be a white attire, I have my food/guests lists done, I need ideas for decorations/table cloths. He is aware of this, so this is not a suprise, but I do need an idea for a gift and decorations. Please help, by the way, he loves to cook and watch sports if that helps any. And Im unsure if I want finger foods or dinner.

  2. My sister is being forced to turn 40 (lol) and we’re throwing her a surprise party. We dare not go with the “over the hill” theme and we didn’t want to plaster “40” signs and banners everywhere so we decided to go with a “39 Again” theme. I thought this was a really good idea until we tried to shop for decorations for the theme. I’ve looked online and have been to party stores in my area but I just can’t find anything. The only thing I have been able to find are create your own banners but most of them are either traditional “birthday multi-colored” or “diva pink”. My sister HATES pink and we’re trying to theme the party with her two favorite colors which are burgundy and silver. Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. My Fiance is turning 24 and I have a few ideas on what to do, but I have never thrown anyone a birthday party and all of my ideas center around football. I was kinda wanting to branch out from there…. any ideas ?

  4. I wish to find out ideas for my husband’s 80th birthday. Do you have anything for someone this age? He is a big 3 stooges fan. Thanks for any ideas you may have.

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