21 Amazing Hobbit Birthday Party Ideas


I was recently asked on facebook for Hobbit party ideas.  As always, I’ve got your back!  Here are 21 of the best Hobbit birthday parties, Hobbit cakes, invitation ideas, decorations, games, food, costumes, party favors and free printables!  These parties are seriously amazing and are sure to help you to throw the most awesome party ever.  You’ll be the coolest mom on the block!  {{knuckle bumps}}

Amazing Hobbit Birthday Party Ideas

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How to Make a Hobbit Door Invitation

1.  How to Make a Hobbit Door Invitation ~ How cool is this Hobbit door invitation?  The full tutorial will show you how to make your own using card stock, circle cutter and ink.  

Hobbit Party Invitation

2.  Hobbit Party Invitation ~ “You have been chosen for an unexpected journey”.  Invite party guests with a handmade invitation printed on specialty paper, rolled up with a ring holding it together.


Hobbit Party Decoration

3.  Hobbit Party Decoration ~ Welcome guests with hand drawn signs that read “speak friend and enter”.  

Bilbo's House Decor

4.  Bilbo’s House Decor ~ Inspired by Bilbo’s house, the table was set with old books, candlesticks and a map with a ring.  Most of these items you can probably find in your home or at a thrift store.

DIY Barad-dur

5.  DIY Barad-dur ~ Recycled cereal boxes and a balloon make an easy Barad-dur and eye of Sauron.  Because the eye was made from a balloon it moved which mimicked being watched.  


Scavenger Hunt

6.  Scavenger Hunt ~ First a reading from the king and then kids were set out on a scanvenger hunt.  How cool is that?!

Hobbit Birthday Party Games

7.  Hobbit Birthday Party Games ~ Four party games to keep your guests entertained.  They’re all based on the classic party games so they’re not hard to play.  They include a riddle contest, Ring Ring Who’s Got the Ring?, Pin the Tail on the Smaug and Spiders and Dwarves Tag.

Hobbit Party Games

8.  Hobbit Party Games ~ Your guests will love these Hobbit inspired party games.  They include Stone Troll Tag, Riddles in the Dark, Spiders and Flies, Barrels out of Bond and The Black Arrow. 

Party Food

Hobbit Party Menu

9.  Hobbit Party Menu ~ From Hobbit stew in bread bowls to Gandalf’s smoke rings everything you need to plan your menu is available on this post.  

Dessert Table

How to Make a Hobbit Door Ice Cream Sandwich

10.   How to Make a Hobbit Door Ice Cream Sandwich ~ These Hobbit Door Ice Cream Sandwiches are a fun alternative to a traditional birthday cake.  They’re made from green colored sugar cookies.  

 Hairy Hobbit Feet Cookies

11.  Hairy Hobbit Feet Cookies ~ Vanilla flavored cookies and topped with chocolate “hairy” decoration.


Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake

12.  Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake ~ Learn how to make a Hobbit hole birthday cake from two boxes of cake mix, frosting, candy rocks, sprinkles and other candy.  You’ll be the coolest mom around!

Hobbit Hole Cake {how to}

13.  Hobbit Hole Cake {how to} ~ The trick to making the dome-shaped hole is to bake the cake in a heat proof bowl.  

Party Favor

Gold Coin Party Favors

14.  Gold Coin Party Favors ~ A simple and inexpensive party favor.  Attach a chocolate gold coin to a printed tag that says, “party of your share of the lonely mountain treasure”.

The Sting Plush {free pattern}

15.  The Sting Plush {free pattern} ~ Wouldn’t these swords make the most awesome party favor?  You can even use glow-in-the-dark thread to embroider the sword. 

Hobbit Feet Flip Flops

16.  Hobbit Feet Flip Flops ~ Your little adventurers will love their very own Hobbit feet.  AKA flip flops with fur.


Hobbit Party Invitation {free printable}

17.  Hobbit Party Invitation {free printable} ~ Simply download and print this festive Hobbit party invitation to invite guests.  The doors open to reveal the worded invitation.  You can use the standard wording or create your own custom wording.

Hobbit Banner Printable

18.  Hobbit Banner Printable ~ Simply print the free document onto parchment paper, tear the edges and mount on cardstock to hang.


Hobbit Feet

19.  Hobbit Feet {how to} ~ Dress up like a hobbit for the big party day!  They’re so simple you could make them for all of the party guests.  All you need is an old or new pair of socks and fake fur. 

DIY Hobbit Cloak

20.  DIY Hobbit Cloak ~ No Hobbit would be complete without their cloak.  Use the free pattern to make your own.

Elf Ears

21.  Elf Ears {diy} ~ Make your own elffin ears from aluminum foil and fimo clay.  Attach them to a headband for easy wear.


DIY Party Ideas

If you love these parties – then you’ll find HUNDREDS more just as creative over on the Tip Junkie Party site!


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