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25 Amazing Valentine Boxes for School {kids activity}


How to make DIY valentine box ideas and valentine holders with your kids for home or school.  These creative Valentine box ideas include envelopes, mailbox, Valentine holder, Preschool Valentine Crafts, Valentines Day Box, Valentine Envelope, and even a Valentine monster.

Kids DIY valentine box ideas for school

Tip Junkie has 300 Valentine’s Day tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’ re looking for more Valentine patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

diy valentine box ideas for elementary school

Trying to find a creative Valentine’s Day box to make with your child for their Elementary School Valentine’s Day party can be overwhelming.  Here are some creative ideas that you might enjoy making with your son or daughter.

Valentine Boxes

Ruffle Cake Valentine Box

1.  Ruffle Cake Valentine Box ~ Crepe paper isn’t just for party decor!  Layer it in rows to make gorgeous ruffles.

Pretty Little Piggy Box

2.  Pretty Little Piggy Box ~ Could this piggy Valentine box be more adorable?!  Oink, of course not!  Transform a clorox bottle into this little piggy box!

cardboard mailbox

3. Simple Cardboard Valentine Mailbox ~ Here’s an idea for making a simple cardboard Valentine box painted with bright hues and heart shapes. Customize it however you’d like!

Love Boat

5.  Love Boat ~ Set sail to make this adorable Love Boat Valentine box from a half-gallon carton, cereal box and construction paper.

Puppy Valentine Box

6.  Dog Valentine Box ~ Who wouldn’t ruff an adorable puppy box like this?  Get yourself a mop, box and hot glue gun to make your own.

Valentine Holder

Love Buckets

7.  Love Buckets ~ A simple pail is perfect for holding bucket full of notes.  Use your silhouette or Cricut to add vinyl lettering.  They can be reused year after year!  {{wink}}

Gumball Machine Valentine Holder

8.  Gumball Machine Valentine Holder ~ This gumball machine is pure genius!  Cardboard pieces were used to make the Valentine Box ideas frame with a plant saucer for the lid.

Minion Valentine Box

9.  Minion Valentine Box ~ Minions are the perfect Valentine boxes for Despicable Me fans!  How adorable is this “girlie” version?!  It’s made from a 2-liter soda bottle, tissue paper and mod podge.

Preschool Valentine Crafts

Super Hero Valentine Box

10.  Super Hero Valentine Box ~ POW!  Your little superhero will rock their valentine box. Don’t you just love this Valentine box ideas?

Robot Valentine Box

11.  Robot Valentine Box ~ These adorable love bots were made from a matchbox and aluminum foil. You could make a larger valentine holder by using a cereal box.

Valentine Holder12.  Cereal Box Valentine Holder ~ Recycle cereal boxes into these adorable Valentine holders.  Children can decorate the boxes with paper, stickers and other embellishments.

Valentines Day Box

Rubik's Cube Valentine Box

13.  Rubik’s Cube Valentine Box ~ This adorable “Rubie” rubik’s cube valentine box was constructed from a cardboard box and craft foam.  Omit the heart cheeks and bow for a masculine rubik’s cube. I think I want to make multiple Valentine boxes like this! So cute.

Lego Valentine Box

14.  Lego Valentine Box ~ Lego lovers will adore this Valentine box.  You can either spray paint a shoe box or cover it in paper.

Valentine Envelope

Valentine Envelope

15.  DIY Felt Valentine Envelopes {Homemade Valentine Boxes} ~ Instead of a cardboard box that will be heavy to carry to and from school, make this cute DIY Felt Valentine box ideas Envelopes for your child to collect all of his cards and treats from friends this Valentine’s Day.  With a little hot glue and some scissors you can create a no-sew envelope of your own.

Valentine Envelope

16.  Love Letter Envelope  {free template} ~ Have you thought about what you’re going to do for kids Valentine’s this year? Looking for something that has a little pizzazz? How about love letters? You could fill these little envelopes with just about anything.

Duct Tape Valentine Holder

17.  Duct Tape Chair Back Envelope ~ Make an adorable chair back envelope for storing Valentine’s cards.  The best part, all you need is duct tape!

Valentine Monster

Monster Valentine Box

18.  Robot Monster Valentine Box ~ The boys are gonna love this Valentine box ideas of a Valentine Monster!  Spray paint an old box or cover it with construction paint.  Cardboard heart feet and toilet paper dowels for the arms.  The styrofoam googly eyes are fantastic.

3-Eyed Monster Box

19.  3-Eyed Monster Box ~ Let your child use their imagination to create their own monster box {Valentine boxes}.

Valentine Mailbox

Valentine Mailbox

20.  Valentine Mailbox Magnets {Valentine Boxes} ~ There are lots of fun holiday ideas that use those cute metal mailboxes, and Valentine’s Day is just one of them.  If you want to decorate your mailbox to use for valentines, but would like to reuse it for other holidays too, check out these cute Valentine Mailbox Magnets.

American Girl Mailbox

21.  American Girl Mailbox ~ Cute, easy and Inexpensive! What could be better in a craft? This is a $4 craft to make a mailbox for your child or American Girl doll. The results are super cute and fun to the Valentine’s holiday.Valentine Mailbox22.  Fabric Valentine Mailbox {free pattern} ~ Your preschooler may not be able to help that much with this fabric valentine mailbox, but it was too cute not to include it.  Mom can sew it using the free pattern and your children can put it to good use.  It’s so cute you can keep it out year round so your child can have lots of play time with it.  How cute would it be for Christmas and they can put their letter to santa in it?! {Unfortunately, it looks like this Valentine boxes tutorial is no longer online, we still think it’s amazing though!}

23. Quilled Heart Box for your Valentine video that’s quick and easy! Can be modified as a Valentine box for school!

Tissue Box Mailboxes

little monster tissue valentine box

24. Little Monster Tissue Box ~ Grab and old tissue box, some pipe cleaners and cardstock and you have most of the items you need to make this awesome little monster tissue box!

emoji tissue box

25. Heart Eyes Card Box ~ Love emojis? This uses a small tissue box embellished with heart eyes and is super simple to make. Your teenager will even love it! {wink}

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valentine box ideas

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