How to Applique Using Phoomph with FREE printable pattern


How to Applique using Phoomph is easy-peasy.  What is Phoomph for fabric? Phoomph is a double sided, fabric bonding sheet that creates a brand new way to craft with fabric.  There is no ironing required, which makes using fabric fun for all ages with this innovative new product!!   If you’re looking for a fun appliqué  project this summer with amazing pictured instructions, plus a free PDF printable, then you are in luck!  {{I’ve got your back}}.   Here’s how to appliqué an amazing and stylish fabric gift bag using Phoomph for Fabric by Coats and Clark that is easy, fun and definitely a boredom buster!


activities for kids 20 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July {free printable} by Tip Junkie Print Free File Here:  Download

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3703

I love the fashion trend of photorealistic prints on fabric, especially flowers and butterflies.  They are great on women’s and children’s clothing–the images just jump off the fabric! And so I thought, why not make them “Phoomph” off something? They are just begging to be dimensional, right?

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3710

I want to show you how easy it is to create a gorgeous trompe l’oeil gift bag featuring fluttering butterflies. All it takes is Phoomph and a few handstitches. This would be knock-out with flowers too! And funky with an everyday object such as a camera or pair of glasses. All sorts of possibilities!

activities for kids 20 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July {free printable} by Tip Junkie Print Free File Here:  Download

How to Applique Using Phoomph with FREE printable pattern!

You will need:

  • Phoomph for Fabric by Coats and Clark  in the “Soft” texture
  • An 8″x10″ cotton muslin gift bag
  • Photorealistic printed fabric of your choice–enough of it to provide you with a few beatufiul images to cut out. I chose the butterfly print “Marea” by Dear Stella.
  • Needle and thread

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3665To make the gift bag:

Cut out butterflies (or flowers, or whatever you have chosen…) from your fabric to use on your gift bag. You don’t need to cut them out carefully at this point–leave a bit of margin around them. A variety of sizes works well.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3666

Peel off one of the backing papers from Phoomph bonding sheet and arrange your butterflies on the sticky blue surface.

If you want to create the illusion of a butterfly which has just landed you’ll need two identical images to sandwich with the Phoomph bonding sheet, so be sure to cut out two. But only place one of them at this point…

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3673

Now carefully cut your butterflies. Cut as close as possible to the outline of their shapes. This will make the trompe l’oeil (trick of the eye) even more effective.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3674

Peel off the other backing layer…

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3675

…and press your butterfly onto the gift bag wherever you’d like to see it sitting prettily.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3677

One beautiful butterfly on the bag! If you want to add more, just repeat this simple process.

If you’d like to use Phoomph to add even more dimension you can make a double-sided butterfly with two identical images.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3679

Press one of the butterflies onto the blue bonding sheet and cut it out with a bit of margin around it. Then peel off the other backing sheet and press the other butterfly onto the opposite side.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3680

With the two identical butterflies sandwiched together, now carefully cut around the edge of the image.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3681

Now you can use a few handstitches to tack down the center of the butterfly to the gift bag.

Thread a sewing needle with a length of coordinating thread (12″-14″ is plenty), and tie the ends together with a good knot so that the thread is doubled.  Then insert the needle from the inside of the bag through the fabric where you would like to stitch down the butterfly.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3683

Now stick the needle through the center of the butterfly…

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3686

…and stitch it down by pushing the needle from the top of the butterfly, through the fabric of the bag, and out through the top of the butterfly again.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3688

Do this five or six times and then push the needle through to the insid eof the bag, knot the thread, and cut it off.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3690

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3692

So quick and easy! And so many possibilities.

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3694

Phoomph Applique Tutorial_AestheticNest_DSC_3698

I can’t wait to add some Phoomph to some other beautiful fabric.

activities for kids 20 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July {free printable} by Tip Junkie Print Free File Here:  Download

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coats&clark*A special thanks to Coats and Clark for sponsoring and providing Anneliese with the Phoomph for fabric to be used to make this fabulous Appliqué, and for making an amazing no iron fabric bonding sheet to make crafting with fabric fun! {wink}

DSC_9535_editAnneliese shares her creative, authentic, and inspiring creations at Aesthetic Nest.  She is driven to beautify the space around her, and has a knack for creating gorgeous, original items that enhance her space.  At Aesthetic Nest, you’ll find a creative journal where Anneliese showcases things she makes including sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, painting (not often enough), room decorating, and party designing.


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