Around the Clock Bridal Shower

Around the Clock Bridal Shower: “Their love goes Around the clock!”

When preparing your invitations, assign each guest a time of day (in hour increments) with which her gift will correlate. For example, a 7:00 am gift could be a waffle iron and a 7:00 pm gift could be a romantic comedy DVD’s set (My Best Friends Wedding, Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Singer, The Wedding Planner, and/or The Wedding Date).

During the shower, have the bride open the gifts in order of hour. Tip: Keep a master list of which guest has what time. This way if they forget their assigned time of day you know what it is. Also, this makes the shower run smoother, when you call out the time of day you’ll know which guest to expect.

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Print out this candy bar wrapper on colored paper as a yummy thank you or party gift for the ‘Around the Clock’ bridal shower.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- -- -- Bridal Shower
Thank You

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