August Moments that Matter ~ Join Us! {photo journal prompts}


My goal this summer is to make sure that I capture the moments that matter with my family.  Since summer is crazy busy for me, I’ve picked a word each day that I want to capture with my camera phone to help me photo journal these fleeting memories.

It’s been so simple and fun that I thought you might want to play along too.  {wink}   If so, here are the emotions and bonding memories to look out for each day and when it happens, simply grab your camera phone and snap a quick photo.

August Moments that Matter ~ Join Us!  {photo journal prompt}

If you’d like, feel free to share your photo with us over on Facebook and Instagram or just keep that loving image for yourself to enjoy over and over again throughout the years.   {high fives!}

Memories that Endure are Moments that Matter

Each day this August, take a photo using your camera phone capturing these moments that matter with these photo journal prompts:

August 1 ~  Sweet
August 2 ~  Friend
August 3 ~  Wink
August 4 ~  Play
August 5 ~  Relax
August 6 ~  Create
August 7 ~  Laugh
August 8 ~  Triumph
August 9 ~  Bake
August 10 ~  Share
August 11 ~  Sparkle
August 12 ~  Admire
August 13 ~  Hop
August 14 ~  Shadow
August 15 ~  Pretend
August 16 ~  Snuggle
August 17 ~  Heart
August 18 ~  Work
August 19 ~  Comfy
August 20 ~  Silly Face
August 21 ~  Encourage
August 22 ~  Favorite
August 23 ~  Artistic
August 24 ~  Happy
August 25 ~  Dance
August 26 ~  Confidence
August 27 ~  Yellow
August 28 ~  Peek-a-Boo!
August 29 ~  Praise
August 30 ~  Squeeze
August 31 ~  Jump

Once you’ve taken your photo, you are invited to upload your photos to the Tip Junkie Facebook Page or  via Instagram so we can all play along and encourage each other.

If you’re wondering how to get your camera phone photos to look really good, be sure to check out 6 Easy Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone.  You’re going to LOVE them.  Also, I’ve recently discovered these mobile apps that are my new current favorites:

Instagram ~ Join Us!

If you’d like to play along with us over on Instagram ‘cuz it’s SO much fun… First sign up to Instagram {it’s free} but only a mobile phone app, it’s not currently on the web. Therefore, you’ll also need to go online and sign up for FollowGram {yep, free}, then link up your FollowGram URL so we can follow you. I just adore making new friends.

Don’t have an iPhone?  Then play along over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page!

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

Creating Memories that Endure,


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  1. Comment-Anonymous Karen

    That instagram idea is so cool! I like how each day has a focus! Simple pleasures and community building. Good way to teach enhance children’s vocabulary too. Love it!:0)

  2. 2
  3. Comment-Anonymous kayray

    absolutely LOVE this idea & list. Days are so busy w/ little ones it’s easy to get sidetracked & never have time for photographing the “little” things. Having a preplanned list w/ a daily focus helps not only get some great pics to remember special moments but helps draw our attention to these items. I am also thrilled to have a plan for a scrap page – rather than tons of misc pictures & attempting to try to create a theme! Now…if only i could find help w/ photo editing to be able to fit one month of these pics onto one scrap page….hmmmm. thanks!

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