Baby Gift: Tag Lovey


This homemade baby gift tutorial is contributed by ScrapSoul.  It’s a baby tag lovely perfect for Children 2-6 years old, Babies and Baby Showers.  This homemade gift is less than $10 to make.

How to Make the Baby Tag Lovey

I cut the washcloth in four equal pieces (squares). My pieces were about 5 inch. So if your washcloth is any smaller or bigger you might want to adjust your cutting. The main thing is: You need to have two squares of the same size. You can even use different washcloths so the softie will have two different sides. I sewed some ribbon on one piece and even some flowers I had lying around. Technically you can put anything you want on there. It would be cool to put the child’s name on there.

On the other square I pinned all different pieces of folded ribbon on there. Pin them as close to the edge as possible. Make sure your fold in on the inner side of your fabric, so the both ends of your ribbon are at the edge of your piece of fabric. Your only concern might be: Pick out ribbon that does not fray on the sides or can be pulled apart easily (Organza or sheer will fray easily). Pin it on your fabric like I did in my first drawing. This might seem weird, but it all turns out well, LOL

Put the two sides on top of each other, good side on good side) and sew three sides closed. Turn the softie inside out (so the good parts will show) and pull all the ribbons straight. You can iron the softie under a piece of cloth to make everything straight. Sew the last side together with your machine or by hand. Et voila: You’re done!

Visit ScrapSoul for the original.

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