Top 10 Baby Powder Hacks


Baby powder is not just for keeping babies bottom dry!  Here are 10 surprising baby powder uses that include beauty hacks for fuller eyelashes, homemade blush, waxing, talcum powder for hair and even how to make your own non-talc baby powder.

Baby Powder Hacks

We’ve taken away all the guess work on baby powder uses with these incredible tutorials. For even more style and beauty ideas Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 1,000 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink} 

Baby Powder

How to Get Fuller Eyelashes

1.  How to Get Fuller Eyelashes ~ With a q-tip apply a small amount of baby powder to your eyelashes and follow up with a second coat of mascara.

DIY Homemade Blush

2.  DIY Homemade Blush ~ Make your own chemical-free blush from natural products.  You can make it as light or as dark as you want it using red food coloring.

How to Make Mineral Veil Makeup

3.  How to Make Mineral Veil Makeup ~ Did you know you can make your own mineral veil makeup? It only takes three ingredients and about 5 minutes to make!

Hair Refresher

4.  DIY Dry Shampoo ~ Freshen hair with this simple baby powder trick.  Simply apply the powder to the roots of your hair.  It’s a great way to make your second day (or third) hair look a bit better!

 Ease Waxing Pain

5.  Ease Waxing Pain ~ Ease the pain from waxing by applying baby powder before the wax.

Talcum Powder Uses

Baby Powder Stain Guard

6.  Baby Powder Stain Guard ~ Ironing baby powder on the under arms and collar of the shirt can help prevent sweat marks.  The joint effort creates a barrier so sweat marks won’t appear.

Grease Stain Removal

7.  Grease Stain Removal ~ Baby powder works as a sponge to remove oils from fabric.  Simply sprinkle on the stain and let sit overnight.

Wondering How to get Oil Stains Out of Clothing? Tips Bulletin has the ultimate guide!

How to Remove Sand

8.  How to Remove Sand from Skin  ~ A simple trick will help remove sticky sand from skin and feet, baby powder.  Simply sprinkle on the skin and the sand will come right off.

Untangling Chains

9.  Untangle Jewelry ~ Pour some baby powder on your tangled necklace to help loosen the chains.

How to Make Baby Powder

Homemade Baby Powder

10.  Homemade Baby Powder ~ Make your own talc free baby powder from natural ingredients like bentonite clay, arrowroot, dried calendula, oatmeal and essential oils.

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Baby Powder Hacks to Try

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