Five My Baby Clothing Dividers To Make {the closet}

Who knew it would be a challenge for the closet to know what fits my baby at any given time. Or, that reaching into a drawer and pulling out something the wrong size could be so disappointing. Here are several baby clothing divider tutorials for the closet.

A Facebook reader asked me for several ideas on how to make my baby clothing dividers for her closet.  I’m always happy to make life a little easier with solutions, so here are several different tutorials on how to make darling clothing dividers for the closet!

The Closet

The Closet

1.  How to make the closet baby clothing dividers more using items from the recycling bin AND change up the shape a bit to make cringe-less dividers that were personalized to match the kids’ rooms.

2.  These awesome Baby’s Room the closet dividers are a must have for any new arrival!  These are so simple and quick to make, you will want to include them in any gift you are giving to the new Mom for sure!  There are two methods for creating these closet dividers, one using felt and one using craft foam.

My Baby

My Baby

3.  For the closet divider, you will take one sheet of cardboard, and 2 sheets of scrapbooking paper. Apply spray glue to the front and back of the cardboard, and attach your scrapbooking paper to each side with the pattern facing out.

4.  The best part about the closet fat quarter dividers is that when you want to change seasons or the child’s size, all you have to do is reprint and insert it into the little pocket. So I hope these cute little clothes dividers help you in your organizing frenzies

5.  If you’d rather purchase clothing dividers, here are several darling clothing dividers for the closet that  you can order online!

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  1. It is always surprising that we haven’t though of very simple ideas that are truly helpful.

  2. I love these! I am dreading pulling out my box that’s “the next sizes up” and trying to sort them in the closet. What a great idea!!

  3. You know, these would also work for adults like me who’s weight yo-yo’s! It’s the “today I’m a 10, yesterday I was an 8” syndrome!!! Thanks for the great ideas!

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