Babysitter Info Sheet


Tired of writing down the same information each time you have a babysitter?  Use this sheet to write down all the important information your babysitter will need while you’re out.  After your sitter leaves, file it in the Friends & Neighbors section of the Executive Homemaker Binder.

babysitter info sheet for parents tipjunkie
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Babysitter Information

Our cell phone number is:
We will be back at:
We are going:

Play Time:

List toys & activities your children like to do.
List location of game.
Snacks they can have:


Eat food in kitchen only.
You are welcome to eat what ever you can find.
Only 1 movie for kids before bedtime.
The only form of discipline that is acceptable is Time-Out.
(If time-out is necessary put him in the ______________ room (light on) for 3 minutes. There is a timer ___________. When the timer rings he can come out if he is happy.  If he’s not, say that he’ll have to be there 1 more minute.)

Bed time:

_____: Ask if they want a snack before bed.
_____:  Read books.
_____: Brush Teeth. Use Potty.
_____: In bed, say prayers, and say good night.

Other Instructions:


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babysitter info sheet for parents tipjunkie

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