35 First Day Of School Activities


Here are 35 back to school resources and first day of school activities to help you get yourself organized and ready for the big day.  This is a mother-load of fabulous first day of school traditions, crafts, recipes, and bonding first day activities!

First Day of School Activities and Traditions

First Day At School


Back to School Traditions:

Head on over to Tip Junkie Printables to print off a free 19 back to school traditions to make it easier to plan.  Simply circle the ideas that you want to do for a quick planning guide.

Back to School Organization

Back to School Organization:

DIY Chore Charts:

Healthy Lunch Ideas

100th Day of School Activities

Other School Related Ideas:

Meet the Teacher & School Related Gifts:

Meet the Teacher & School Related Gifts:

Graduation Party Ideas

Thanks Ladies. I just adore these gifts they are amazing! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {{knuckle bumps}}

If you have a homemade gift idea or tutorial over on your blog, we’d love to see it! Feel free to leave the blog link in the comments or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. Or if you’re looking for a specific theme, let me know! I’ll be happy to find it for you. {{I’ve got your back!}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

Creating Memories that Endure,



Creative First Day of School Activities and Traditions
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  1. You can purchase it from Pottery Barn under the “How to organize your locker”. I love it too. Oh how I wish I had a daughter to make one for. {{wink}}

  2. Thanks Laurie, I can see it now. I don’t have a daughter neither, but I was thinking of making one for myself! Excellent idea!

  3. Hi these are great ideas too if you have a work locker too. I’m highly interested in the locker door organiser you have showing in the picture, but I can’t find it in any of the links. I’m assuming it’s under school locker link, but saying can’t find page. Are you able to advise where this idea came from..many thanks Jules O

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