Bapron – Bib plus Apron {free pattern}

Bapron – Bib plus Apron

This little bib/apron gives maximum coverage for your messy eater and the tutorial instructions promise you can whip one up in half and hour!  Make a set and arrange in a cute box or basket with some baby food.

**Sadly, this pattern is no longer available for free.

Bapron - Bib plus Apron {free pattern}
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 1 Year
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  1. I love this idea… i have three boys to make something for and they have a new baby brother…. this will be perfect!!! Thank you CINAO

  2. Hi there, saw the lovely Bapron – how do I get the free pattern.

    Thanks so much. Yvonne

  3. The pattern was originally offered for free when it was linked up on Tip Junkie, since then the blog owner has made it available by purchasing it.

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