Free Baseball Birthday Party Printables [download]

Take Me Out To The Ball Game! You’re going to love these darling Baseball Birthday Party printables by Cathy from Cap Creations.

EHprint Print Free File:
Baseball Birthday Banner and Circles (15516 downloads) ,
Baseball Birthday Flag Template (1596 downloads) ,

The Happy Birthday Baseball Banner was the first thing our guests noticed when they arrived at our baseball party and it was very simple to make!

How to Make the Baseball Flag Banner:

1. Using the template as a guide for measurements cut out triangles from your choice of colored card stock (regular 8.5 x 11) we used red.

You will need one triangle for each letter in Happy Birthday and more if you want some blank ones. You will get 3 triangles from 1 sheet of paper.

2. Print baseball letters on card stock. You must print the first one twice to have all the letters you will need.

3. Cut out baseball letters with a circle cutter leaving a small white border around the edge.

4. Glue or tape the balls to the triangles.

5. Punch holes on the top of each side of the triangle with a regular hole puncher, this is where your ribbon will thread through. We punched 2 holes to make it bigger.

6. Thread your choice of ribbon in through the front of the triangle toward the back and then through to the front again. Do this for every letter while putting them in the correct order.

Leave extra ribbon to tie on your banner and hang!

EHprint Print Free File:
Baseball Cupcake Toppers (1561 downloads)

How to Make Cupcake Toppers:

1. Print Baseball Birthday circles with a color printer on card stock.
2. Punch out with a 1 3/4 inch puncher (you could hand cut too if needed).
3. Tape on the back side to a lollipop stick. You can also double them back to back, so there’s not an exposed back.


We used these thank you tags for our baseball party favor bags. We attached them to clothes pins, then placed them on the favor bags to keep shut.

How to Make these Party Favor Bags:

1. Print out the baseball circles on with a color printer on card stock.
2. Punch out with a 1 3/4 inch puncher (you could hand cut too if needed)
3. Attach to the clothes pin!

These are great as hang tags too! Simply punch a small hole and attach string or ribbon and hang on your party favors!

EHprint Print Free File:
Baseball Birthday Invitation (2331 downloads)

How to Make the Birthday Invitation:

1. This baseball invitation for our baseball party is fairly easy to make. You print out the details of your party on white card stock. Center up the wording and cut with a circle cutter (as always you can cut by hand if needed).

2. Next you punch out an even number of small holes in the shape of an arch (one arch on the top and one arch on the bottom) these will be for the strings of the ball.

3. Use a small red ribbon and thread it through the holes then make a knot on the back at four ends to keep the ribbon from coming out.

You can check out all the pictures of Cathy’s baseball birthday party over on her blog.  It turned out amazing.

About the Executive Homemaker:

Cathy from Cap Creations has something for the entire family and we specialize in:  Personalized Jewelry, Christian Inspired Jewelry,  and Custom Jewelry.  You can check out her shop and blog to see her fabulous products.


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  1. I seriously just made similar cupcake toppers for my one year olds monster birthday this saturday. I even used the same lollipop sticks. How fun!

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