Beaded Bookmarks


Beaded Book Marks 4

Make these fun beaded bookmarks for any occasion!  Birthday, Christmas, lesson handout, baptism, you name it!  Look at the picture below for a packaging example.

Beaded Book Marks 3

What you’ll need:

Waxed Linen (I got mine from Hobby Lobby. It comes rolled up.)
Crimp Beads
Charm (optional)
Needle nose pliers

Red Bookmark

How to Make:

1.  Cut Waxed Linen around 14 1/2 inches long.
2.  Thread on a crimp bead, then thread on the charm, loop the thread back into the crimp bead and use the pliers to clamp it down.  (This will secure the charm and all the other beads in place.)
3.  Thread on your beads.
4.  Use a crimp bead to secure your first set of beads.
5.  Crimp another bead at least 11″ away from the first crimp bead.  (So the bookmark will fit in almost any size book.)
6.  Thread on your second set of beads.
7.  Secure by using the pliers to clamp down on a crimp bead at the end.  Cut off any extra waxed linen.

Inital Beaded Bookmarks

Tip: If you’re making these for a baptism use silver or white ribbon or thread and use white beads.

Bookmark Gift Wrap

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