Dress Up a Room For Your Girl {12 Creative Rooms}

Today it’s what every girl wants, a gorgeous room.  So here are 12 ways to dress up a room for your girl!  You can switch up the colors of any of these rooms to suit your daughters preferences, but I hope they inspire you to create a gorgeous dress up girls room that she’ll love.


Dress Up A Room

1. Chocolate and Pink
2. Paris & Poodles Room
3. Cutest birds & tree room
4. Embroidered headboard from Design Sponge


Girls Room

5.  Personalized Name Decor by Whitney
6.  Decorating with ribbon from Audrey
7. Once Upon A Time Theme
8.  Fairy Realm from Blue Jeuls


Dress Up Girl

9.  Emily’s Ballerina Wall Decoration
10. Liz pillow make over tutorial
11. Table Tutu
12. Katie’s monogrammed princess bow holder


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  1. Liz – I just loved them. I think the color combos you used really worked with the room and it was a cool twist with the ruffling. Thanks for submitting it.

  2. Of course, you can’t feature girls rooms without including several ideas from Design Dazzle! They’re fabulous.

  3. Laurie,
    Thanks so much for featuring our Design Dazzle rooms – you are the best!!

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