13 Beautiful Holiday Gift Wrapping Tutorials

Here’s how to make beautiful and creatively wrapped gift and presents this holiday season that the recipient will swoon over!  These DIY wrap tutorials are perfect for  gift bags, flat boxes, and all types of packaging even if you plan on shipping your gifts.  {score}  I hope the tutorials and ideas inspire you to add some extra homemade love and bling to each of your wrapped gifts this holiday season.

Beautiful Holiday Gift Wrapping Tutorials

There are 106 Wrapped Gift tutorials  over on the Tip Junkie Creative Community if you’re looking how to make even more with great pictured instructions.

Wrapped Gift

Wrapped Gift

1.  Fresh Take on Holiday Present Wrapping {DIY Christmas} ~ Here is a great post with a couple uniquely beautiful wrapping ideas! One idea used fresh greenery and the other old black and white photos. Both will look fabulous under the Christmas tree!

Creative Wrap

2.  Wax Paper Bow & Gift Wrap ~ Believe it or not, these pom pom flowers are made from wax paper!  Great for a last-minute add on to a gift, or make several for table decorations at your next party.

Wrapped Gifts

3.  Natural Gift Wrap ~ This lovely wrapping is a gift in and of itself.  If I got a package that was wrapped this pretty, I wouldn’t even care what was on the inside.  In fact, I may not even want to open it.  Step-by-step instructions show you how to make your gifts this beautiful.

DIY Wrap

DIY Wrap

4.  Furoshiki Gift Wrap ~ Imagine origami, but simpler and more useful. Furoshiki wraps can be used to easily and elegantly wrap holiday and birthday gifts, and offerings for party hosts.

Gift Bags

5.  Fabric Gift Bags ~ These simple fabric bags are perfect for wrapping up a Christmas gift or party favor.  You could also use bright fabric and use this idea for birthday gifts.

Creative Wrap

Creative Wrap

6.  Simple Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas ~ Package your Christmas gifts in handmade style this year with a few simple + inexpensive ideas using items from your stash. Paper, twine, vintage labels, paper doilies and a circle punch are all you’ll need to beautify the gifts under your tree this year.

Felt Gift Wrap
7.  Creative Gift Wrap ~ These dimensional felt package toppers are adorable yet simple to make!  Follow the pictured instructions to make the Holly Topper, Scarf Wrap and a Santa Mustache stick.

Creative Gift Wrap

8.  Deer Head Gift Wrap ~ Simple and fun ways to incorporate a Silhouette deer head into your holiday gift wrap.  Perfect to use with kraft paper.

Gift Bags

Gift Bag DIY

9. Christmas Gift Bag ~ Add black and white photographs to your holiday gift wrap for a personalized look.  It’s so simple yet so beautiful!

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Homemade Gift Wrap

10.  DIY Polka Dot Wrapping Paper ~ Make your Christmas super crafty by creating your own wrapping paper with cute white polka dots.

DIY Wrap

11.  Fine Print Newspaper Wrap ~ You may have seen newspaper repurposed as wrapping before, but Murnane’s blossoming topper — which sprouts striped ribbons — keeps this classic current.  Follow the link for even more gift wrapping ideas.

Printable Wrapping Paper

Printable Wrapping Paper

12.  Doilies Kraft Wrapping Paper {free printable} ~ This printable doily wrapping paper is not only beautiful, but versatile.  You could use it for almost any occasion.  There are two options to download and print, vertical doilies or round doilies.  Add some baker’s twine and a pine branch or decorative ribbon to finish the package.

Printable Gift Wrap

13.  Urban Holiday Gift Wrap ~ Different shades of and patterns of green are perfect for Christmas!  Simply download and print this beautiful wrapping paper that’s available in three patterns, chevron forest, retro star and faux bois.

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We’re continuing our Christmas in July with more amazing pictured tutorials for homemade gifts, DIY decorating, free printables, and recipes.

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