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18 Beautiful Things to Make with Thumb Tacks

How to use thumb tacks to make beautiful crafts, DIY Decor, and homemade gifts.  Some of the gorgeous things to make with thumb tacks are monograms, artwork, sunburst mirror, vase fillers, luminaries, furniture decorative with thumb tacks and even decorative thumb tacks for memo boards.
Beautiful Things to Make with Thumb Tacks
The Tip Junkie Creative Community has some really fun Thumb Tack crafts with pictured tutorials and free patterns if you’re looking for more simple crafts for kids with educational activities.

Thumb Tack

Thumb Tacks

1.  Flower Thumb Tacks ~ These tips for making beautiful resin flowers will help you create beautiful decorative thumb tacks out of supplies from your local craft store.
DIY Thumb Tacks
2.  Decorative Thumb Tacks ~ Create these decorative floral push pins in under 5 minutes.  All you need is silk flowers, push pins and hot glue.
Thumb Tack DIY
3.  Vintage Button Thumb Tacks ~ If you have some vintage buttons this is a great way to put them to use and showcase them.  You could always use up some spare buttons you may have lying around.
Thumb Tacks
4.  How to Make Decorative Thumbtacks ~ Wouldn’t these make the perfect homemade gifts?  Just buy a charm pack and that would give you plenty of coordinating fabric for a bunch of thumb tacks.  A great gift idea for teacher appreciation week.

Thumb Tack Art

Thumb Tack Art5.  DIY Thumb Tack Sunburst Mirror ~ Accentuate a plain mirror with thumb tacks to transform it into a beautiful sunburst mirror.

Crafts with Thumb Tacks
6.  Thumb Tack Art ~ Paint a canvas and make a custom phrase with thumb tacks.  Hang it on the wall or display it on the fireplace.
Thumb Tack Art
7.  Monogram String Art with Thumb Tacks ~ I adore the combination of the trendy string art, monogram and thumb tacks.  Learn how with this fabulous tutorial.
Thumb Tack Art
8.  Thumb Tack Framed Art ~ A simple solution to enhance artwork is by adding thumb tacks to the framed mat.
Thumb Tack Art
9.  DIY Monogram Letter ~ Create your own custom monogrammed letter artwork on a budget! All you need is styrofoam, thumb tacks and paint.
Thumb Tack Art
10.  Thumb Tack Word Art ~ This DIY word art is eye-catching and elegant.  It’s a really cool way to bring some fun metallic accents into a room for next to nothing.

Thumb Tack Craft

Thumb Tack Craft

11.  How to Make Thumbtack Vase Fillers {repurpose} ~ These gorgeous vase fillers are created from styrofoam balls, thumb tacks, and spray paint.  Brilliant!  Come see the full tutorial to learn how to create your own.
Thumb Tack Art
12.  Thumb Tack Lanterns ~ These beautiful luminaries were inspired from tin can luminaries.  Simply trace a desired pattern on card stock and punch out the pattern with a thumb tack. They add an elegant touch to a wedding, bedroom, or even as a centerpiece.

Craft with Thumb Tacks

how to make a headboard 13. Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim ~ A comprehensive tutorial and how to guide on how to make a headboard that’s upholstered with nailhead trim.  Thumb tacks work great too!Thumb Tack Furniture
14.  Nightstand Makeover ~ Finishing touches on a piece of furniture can make a big difference.  This tutorial shows you how to jazz up an old night with thumb tacks.
Thumb Tack Crafts
15.  Deconstructed Couch ~ Learn how to reupholster your couch with burlap and thumb tacks.  It’s a fabulous Restoration Hardware inspired project.
Crafts with Thumb Tacks
16.  Thumb Tack Candle ~ What a great way to decorate a plain candle.  All you need is a candle and thumb tacks.  You’ll love the simplicity of the tutorial.

Crafts with Thumb Tacks

17.  How to Create Gilded Pumpkins with Thumbtacks  ~ Cover inexpensive foam pumpkins with thumbtacks for a gorgeous hammered-metal look! These pumpkins will transition well from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Click to read the tutorial.
18. Thumbtack Trees ~ Aren’t these gorgeous silver Christmas trees?  Guess what they are made of?  Just two items, thumbtacks and styrofoam.  These trees would look spectacular with garland around them or even spray painted a different color.

More Things To Make:

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How to Make Thumbtack Vase Fillers

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