Before and After: Making Ikea Furniture Chic

Creating a chic look for any room is easier and cheaper than  you think!  Today I’m showing you 11 before and after tutorials on how to take contemporary Ikea furniture and make it look gorgeous!  I hope it gives you the confidence to try repainting furniture in your own home. 

Before and After ~ Ikea

Ikea Before and After

1.  Ikea TV Stand repurposed into a bench –  How a black TV stand was repurposed into a fun and functional bench for the master bedroom.

ikea slip cover2.  Dying Ikea Slip Cover –  A step-by-step guide on how to dye fabric using this white Ikea slip cover I dyed green as an example.

 Ikea ~ Repainting Furniture

Ikea ~ Repainting Furniture

3.  How to make a Built-in from an Ikea Billy Bookcase –  How to create a built-in look using a few pieces of bookcases from Ikea.
4.  Little Table and Chair set from Ikea – How to make a boring white table set for your child, pop with color and comfort.
5.  IKEA Hemnes dresser Before & After – I painted  the dresser and then added some blue stripey trim around the drawers just for fun.

Ikea refinished furniture

6.  Before and After Ikea Lindved Table – Use blue painters tape, and sticking it down in random crisscrossing lines and then spray painted it with Rust Oleum enamel glossy-red paint.
7.  Ikea Rast Dresser – Re-inventing the Ikea rast dresser was VERY easy and relatively inexpensive. It is constructed of solid wood making it a great surface to paint, wallpaper, stain, etc.
Ikea ~ Staining Wood

Ikea ~ Staining Wood

8.  Before and After Ikea Night Stand – wood conditioner on them before staining. Then I used a base coat of Red Mahogany since our bed has a bit of a red undertone and then went over that with several coats of a darker stain to match more of the brown tones of the wood in the bed.


9.  Ikea Roll Paper Holder – How to make a paper dispense for the Ikea roll paper.
10.  Repurposed Ikea Frame – Tthe frame was originally from Ikea (you can still buy them) it’s a plastic frame that i have painted in Antique White USA. i just love the scrolls. i have had fabric displayed in it for a few years, and it would also look great as a mirror.
11.  Mykea Offers Custom Skins to Personalize Your IKEA Furniture – As great as the cheap and modular furniture from IKEA is, it’s a bit lacking in personality. Mykea offers custom skins that personalize your bland IKEA furniture to spice up your office and living space.

I hope these before and after Ikea furniture tutorials have inspired you to make over something in your home!  As usual, feel free to leave links in the comments to pieces that you’ve refinished.  We’d love to see them!

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Have you ever refinished a piece of furniture before?

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  1. Just found your blog and I love it! yay!

    Refinishing furniture in my home is an addiction! We have refinished dressers and tv tables and coffee tables.
    I even cut the chaise off of our sofa! Yes, I’m crazy, but it was driving me nuts 🙂

    I wish we lived closer to an Ikea… actually… I wish we lived in an Ikea!

  2. For some reason I never thought of refinishing a brand new piece of furniture! But especially with Ikea it’s a great idea!

    I have refinished a kids play kitchen (just posted it today!), and I’m currently working on completely restructuring/reupholstering an armchair.

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