Benchwork {how to repair furniture}

Benchwork {how to repair furniture}

An outdoor wooden bench, bearing the mark of an Eastport, Long Island department store. I loved how the seats were all connected, but each folded and functioned separately. On closer look, I noticed that some of the seats were warped and the veneer was cracked in spots, but the piece itself was sturdy. And at $45, I couldn’t pass it up!



After distressing the wood with steel wool, I primed and painted the bench with a creamy semigloss spray paint. If you’re trying something similar yourself, don’t worry about scuffs and scratches. Just touch it up! Then, to soften the piece, I had new seat cushions and backs made by an upholsterer from ¼-inch plywood and a fresh ticking stripe from Zimmer + Rohde.

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