15 Best Berenstain Bears Activities for Kids


The Berenstain Bears have been the most beloved bear family since 1962. These classic books written by Stan and Jan Berenstain have made learning fun leaving a positive impact on little ones. If you’’re looking to make a fun memory for your little one, here you go! You’ll love all of these amazing ideas, and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to do something fun with brother or sister bear. {{giggle}}

How to make Berenstain Bears activities and party ideas with these fun ideas which include crafts, party food ideas, activities, costumes and so much more!

Berenstain Bears

Tip Junkie has hundreds of ideas for kids all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always type any word or topic into the search bar if you’’re looking for more kids activities with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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The Vintage Toy Box

Activities for Kids

1. I love paper dolls, especially vintage ones.  But if you buy vintage, they are not always in a good enough condition to play with. (And if they are in good condition – you probably don’t want them played with anyway!)  These free printables by The Vintage Toy Box gives you the charm of vintage but you can print it on durable cardstock and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

Toddler Approved

2. To go along with story, The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Honey, Toddler Approved made a fun detective flashlight hunt activity.  She even includes a free printable honey pot to download and print.

East Coast Mommy

3. Kids will have fun making bear ears using East Coast Mommy’s free printable. Simply download, print, can color it, cut it out and wear it. A fun activity!

Pink Stripey Socks


4. A fun recycled craft that goes along with learning about hybernating bears by Pink Stripey Socks.

The Vintage Umbrella

5. No particular pattern was used to make this darling Sister Bear ornament. Using felt, embroidery floss and the book as a template is what The Vintage Umbrella used.

The Next Big Adventure

Costumes and Dress Ups

6. Dress up the entire family as the beloved Berenstain Bear family. The Next Big Adventure gives a step by step tutorial on making Sister Bear pants, along with the resources to find the other costume pieces and masks.

Birthday Express

DIY Party Ideas

7. Birthday Express has some amazing ideas to incorporate their party supplies into a bear-ific party.
A Constant Project
8. Using the pages of an extra book, Messy Room, A Constant Project created this adorable diy party banner.
The John & Carol Show
9. An adorable Berenstain Bears Birthday bash for twins by The John & Carol Show. Several Berenstain Bears books were purchased through eBay to be displayed throughtout the party.
 Ink Blots & Polka Dots

Food and Recipes

10. Peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows on a graham cracker, kids will love this tasty bear snack by Ink Blots & Polka Dots.Our Best Bites

11. Learn how to make adorable campfire cookies by Our Best Bites. They’re pretty easy to assemble using a round sugar cookie, frosting, pretzel sticks, and chocolate candy rocks.

Cute Food For Kids

12. Turn their favorite sandwich into their favorite animal with this easy bear sandwich tutorial by Cute Food For Kids.

Disney Family

13. Disney Family nails these chocolate bear paw cookies. How perfect are the slivered almonds are bear claws?

 Mom Junction

Free Printables

14. Here is an ultimate destination for Berenstain Bears coloring pages by Mom Junction! There are 25 to be exact. All you have to do is print!

Dover Publications

15. Help Papa Bear find his way back to his family with this fun maze from Dover Publications.

15 Best Berenstain Bears Activities for Kids

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Berenstain Bears

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