34 Best Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorials {diy}


Christmas advent calendars are not only so much fun to make but create a family tradition that your kids will remember for years to come.  So here are 34 of the best DIY Christmas Advent and Christmas count down calendars with free tutorials and pictured instructions so you can easily make them at home.

These advent calendars would also make great gift ideas for families and almost anyone on your holiday wish list!  For even more free advent patterns check out the Tip Junkie Christmas site.  You’ll find everything you need for a homemade holiday season!

Advent Calendar Tutorials

Silver Tray Advent Calendar

1. Silver Tray Advent Calendar – A gorgeous silver tray with chalkboard spray paint with embellished count down markers.  This would make such an elegant gift.

Dollar Store Advent Calendar

2.  Dollar Store Advent Calendar – Here is a creative idea for an advent calendar using Dollar Tree pails and a large board. This is perfect for larger gift ideas instead of a small pocket.

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

3.  Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar – You can go to the Pink Paislee Blog  for a tutorial and download the calendar template for the project.  Katie also created a red and green count down calendar for Making Memories that is beautiful as well.

4.  Magnetic Holiday Advent Calendar DIY – With just a few basic supplies, theses metal storage tins transform into a fun holiday count down.

Elegant Ornament Advent

5.  A ‘countdown to Christmas’ tree – How cool and simple is this branch with a countdown and natural wood bracelet to mark the days until Christmas. It’s not a tutorial, but it would be super simple to make.

6.  Elegant Ornament Advent – How divine is this fabric covered board with elegant ornaments to make this Christmas count down calendar.  I also love the idea of getting a new ornament each day to display on the tree.

From Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Advent Calendar

7.  Pottery Barn Bucket Advent – This is not a tutorial but would be so easy to knock-off so I just couldn’t resist showing it to you.  I just love the rustic and warm feeling it brings.

8.  Burlap Sack Advent Calendar – This is also from Pottery Barn but would be so much fun to sew and fill up with darling holiday goodies.

Paper Advent Calendars

Paper Advent Calendars

9.  Paper Envelope Advent {printable} – This uses open end envelopes and clipped to baker’s twine. It also comes with a free printable that you can also use for labels and tags.

10.  Toilet Paper Tube Advent – This is a recycled Christmas decor and tradition that can easily involve your children.  It  is so simple to customize to your own style and what you might have stashed around the house.  Maya also has a cone toilet paper count down calendar tutorial as well.

11.  Recycle Bin Advent Calendar – Grab a paper sack and some things around your house to create this fun and colorful recycled count down calendar.

12.  Easy DIY advent calendar: 25 small folded paper envelopes – Not only is this easy to make but they also included all of the activities that you can fill the envelopes with.

Easy count down calendar ideas

13.  Paper Doll Chain – Used with painted drawings by the children and put the activities on the paper aprons for the dates and the activities.  She has also included their list of activities if you’re looking for ideas on what to do.

14.  Blank Printable Advent – Print out this blank advent calendar that can be personalized in so many ways.

15.  How to make a paper bag count down calendar – This is the easiest pictured tutorial that is translated into English.  But basically: cut, number, fold, hole punch, and string.

16.  Tree Advent Calendar Garland – These darling little trees not only have a family activity on the back but a scripture as well.

how to make an advent calendar

17. Advent Pocket Calendar – Made with paper and fabric scraps, chipboard, stickers, and various knick-knacks/household junk.

18.  Matchbox Tree Advent – Use ordinary grocery-store matchboxes to count down the days till Christmas.  This is a smaller version for those who don’t want to hang their advent on their walls.

19.  Easy Printable Christmas Advent Calendar – The template is so easy to use and so versatile, since it’s release I have seen so many gorgeous variations.

Best Christmas Advent Calendars

20.  White Paper Sack – This isn’t a tutorial and isn’t even in English {snicker} but how darling are these white paper sacks with twine and clothes pins!

21. Clothespin & Package – Sadly I can’t find the original tutorial for this darling idea but how cute and easy is this clothespin advent and attach brown paper wrapped gifts with bakers twine.

22.  Use little kraft boxes with removable lids and attach to a white linen covered pin board.  Elegant.

paper advent
23.  A simple wall + pocket made out of charcoal linen and a cotton canvas print. I made four rows of pockets to hold 24 little number cards.

24.  Cookie Sheet Advent Your Kids Will LOVE! – This is a traditional cookie sheet calendar but instead of permanent magnets, she bought dollar store goodies and attached a magnet to each one.  This is their gift for that day.

creative advent calendar ideas

25.  Embellished Card-stock Count Down {free printable} – Print out the 12 PDF files on creme colored cardstock and embellish according to the pictured instructions.

26.  Christmas Advent Jar – Made out of mini matchboxes at the grocery store and wrapped the outside with scrapbook paper. The outside is labeled with the countdown day.

Fabric Count Down Calendars

Fabric Count Down Calendars

27.  Button & Upholstery Fabric Advent – Made from upholstery fabric which is  stiff , non-wrinkly, and subtly shiny and embellished with pearl buttons which correspond to the date.  For instance 4 buttons for December 4th.  {cute huh!}

28.  Fabric Nativity Advent {printable template} – I just LOVE that this is truly and advent that uses the story of Jesus’ birth to count down to Christmas morning.  She has also provided printable templates so you can make it too.

29.  Felt and Tag Calendar – A felt pocket calendar with a darling tag inside with an activity they could do as a family to make each day a little more special.

Little Houses Advent Calendar Tutorial

30.  Little Houses {with doors that open and shut} are hung from a bouquet of bare winter branches.  Hidden behind each door will be a time ticket (a family tradition now!) or a slip of paper with a clue to where a tiny treat is hidden in the house… treasure hunting is very popular around here.

fabric christmas count down calendar

31.  It’s Snowing Presents – A scene where two kids are jumping up to reach the presents and an easy and inexpensive project.

32.  Christmas Light Bulb Garland – There are treats in the bulbs and the lights fit in their little sockets.  How darling!

33.  Simple Drawstring Bag Count Down – To make better use of the space The first 12 days of the countdown are stamped on the front and the remaining 13-24 days are stamped on the reverse of the bag.

Christmas Flag Pennant Advent Calendar

34.  Pennant Advent Calendar -This calendar is designed to look like festive holiday bunting, and each of the 25 pennant triangles is a fully lined, button enclosed pouch, perfect for small presents or candy.  This isn’t a tutorial but it’s so darling I couldn’t resist showing it to you.

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