20 Best April Fools Pranks

Silly pranks for April Fool’s Day are a fun way to start a new family tradition!  Here are April Fool’s food and recipes, practical jokes, family-friendly tricks, and funny pranks to make this April Fools day one your family will never forget!

When Is April Fools?

Every year, April Fools Day is the first day of April ~ April 1.    Also known as All Fools’ Day, April 1 isn’t nationally viewed as a holiday ~ but it’s celebrated by playing all kinds of practical jokes and silly tricks.  It’s simply a fun way to ring in Spring and give family members, friends, teachers, and neighbors a good laugh!

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April Fools Jokes

1.  April Fools Jell-O Eggs ~ Hard boiled eggs make the perfect breakfast meal, right?!  The kids will be scratching their heads when they try to peel the egg and find jell-o instead.  

2.  Brownie Baked Inside an Eggshell ~ Fun “trick” for your kids on April Fool’s morning!  Brownie eggs.

3.  April Fool’s Day Breakfast ~ Freeze a bowl of cereal with milk the night before and watch your child try to eat it for breakfast.   

4.  Jell-O Juice ~ Pour your favorite flavor of Jello into drinking glasses and insert a straw in each glass. Let set in the fridge.  Your kids will say “huh?  

5.  April Fool’s Ice ~ Give dad a refreshing glass of ice water after a long day of work…not!  Serve him warm water with plastic ice cubes instead.

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Pranks For April Fools

6.  Create a Rainbow ~ Washable paints on the windshield wiper will make a rainbow when they’re turned on.  Just pour a dab of color in the ROYGBIV order along the wiper blade.

7.  Polish Spill Prank ~ Fake a nail polish spill with this simple tutorial using school glue, acrylic paint and an empty nail polish bottle.

8.  Parking ticket printable~ This is the most authentic looking parking tickets I’ve ever seen and sure to fool the recipient.

9.  Balloon Pillow Prank ~ Just before bedtime or naptime place balloons in your child’s pillowcase.  Can you image the shock when they lay their head down?

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Tricks For April Fools Day

10.  April Fool’s Diner {free printable} ~ Mystery Dinners are always a big hit with the kids. They have to decode items on the menu and try to order the correct items for the correct courses. It make for some funny ingredients (and often some funny ways of eating it if they don’t get their silverware during the first course.) This free printable includes the menu and order form for them to fill out.

11.  Candy Sushi {How-To} ~ No fish smell here, these little beauties are made with candy and twinkies.  Fun to take as a hostess gift to a sushi dinner, or to serve the kiddos at your next party or event.

12.  KFC Chicken and Sides ~ This Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner is a fun thing to make the kids for an April Fools dessert!  All three items shows here are sweet treats, even those realistic looking beans!

13.  Hamburger Cupcakes with Cookie Fries ~ Dessert is what’s for Dinner….APRIL FOOLS! Here are recipes for a fun all American themed family dinner of burgers and fries.

14.  Pizza Cookie ~ Make a pizza cookie or cake that, at first glance, would fool even the biggest pizza fan! Basic ingredients: sugar cookie and icing! 

15.  April Fool’s Day Dinner  ~ How to make this darling and extra yummy chicken nugget dinner, fries, deviled eggs, sushi and snowcone cupcakes complete with recipes.

16.  Silly Cupcakes ~ And I thought  one silly cupcake idea was innovative.  Sara of Our Best Bites came up with FOUR.  Pick one or three and delight your kids or co workers with these fun cupcakes for April Fools Day!  Choose from Spaghetti and meatball, popcorn, mashed potatoes and peas/carrots or corn on the cob.

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April Fools Practical Jokes 

17.  Bath Water Prank ~ Swab some blue dye to the faucet, this will make colored water come out of the faucet.

18.  Water Bottle Prank ~ Use a pin to make small holes in the center of a plastic water bottle, and make sure to set it on the kitchen counter. Watch as Mom or Dad gets a drink and it ends up all over their shirt.

19.  Fake Dog Poop ~ Gross out your family this April Fool’s Day with this “fake” dog poop that actually looks real!  Made with glue, paint and borax.   

20.  Harmless Shenanigan’s for April Fools ~ Plan some silly pranks for your family this April Fool’s Day with these Harmless Shenanigan’s.  Some of the hilarious pranks include covering up the remote control sensors with tape, replacing sugar with salt in cookies, googly eye pranks, straw pranks and several more. 



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